Study Abroad: Humber College Will Provide Affordable Housing for Students

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Humber College and SpaceShared will provide housing options for the students to help them live and study peacefully

SpaceShared and Humber College will be connecting students who are in need of affordable housing options with older adults with available space in their houses or apartment. 


Humber news release said students need to apply for the program. Once a host becomes available, students will be notified. SpaceShared and Humber are looking for hosts within West GTA areas. Hosts are eligible to sign up for the program anytime they want. 

SpaceShare is a user-friendly and secure platform that allows older people with home vacancies to connect with students. The team behind the platform handles the entire process smoothly. 

The team view the profile, set virtual meetings, and creates agreements. Apart from that, they also focus on monthly rental payments and check-ins. Older adults can boost their income by providing affordable housing solutions to students. 

In addition, the rent amount will decrease when students help with household chores. This will help students save money. 

Study Abroad: Humber College Will Provide Affordable Housing for Students

Jason Hunter, vice president of Students and Institutional Planning at Humber College says addressing the housing issues for students is important in such time. He also added that SpaceShare will provide great solutions to students. This will also benefit the senior adults of the society. 

Affordable Housing Options for Students 

The platform provides services in the Barrie area to allow Georgian College students to find great housing opportunities. The platform will also expand its reach to Greater Toronto Area with Humber. 

Finding affordable housing is undoubtedly a challenge, especially for international students. The SpaceShared platform will help international and domestic students find housing options effectively. This will also nurture their relationships with older adults. 

Chief executive officer of SpaceShared, Rylan Kinnon, says SpaceShare will solve two pressing challenges in Ontario. As the housing market is changing, older adults are also facing challenges. When students started living with them, they will be of great assistance. 

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