Forensic Psychology from Arizona State University: Fees, Scope, Requirements

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Forensic Psychology from Arizona State University

One of the most popular degree programs pursued by students from Arizona State University is the Bachelor of Psychology (Forensic Psychology) in Psychology. This degree program’s reputation is due in large part to its frequent placement on reputable international educational rating systems. The goal of the course is to provide both a basic and in-depth understanding of psychology. At Arizona State University, international students pursuing a BA in Psychology receive a top-notch education and extensive hands-on training.


Students have the chance to develop holistically thanks to qualified professors, first-rate classrooms, interactive curriculum, affordable tuition prices, and merit-based scholarships. Generally, students who get a BSc in Psychology (Forensic Psychology) from Arizona State University will be prepared for the workforce.

Why Attend Arizona State University for Psychology (Forensic Psychology)?

A few of the top-notch reasons to study forensic psychology at Arizona State University are:

  • Most popular amongst students abroad
  • Provide a considerable opportunity for practical learning
  • Learn with seasoned teachers in luxurious classrooms.
  • After the course is over, a variety of tailored internships and job opportunities are available to help students get ready for the working world.

Course Overview

Because the Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Forensic Psychology program at Arizona State is totally online, you can benefit from studying there without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

With an additional class each semester and summer courses, you might accomplish this 120-credit degree in three to three and a half years instead of the typical four years of full-time study. The duration of each of the 39 courses needed to graduate is roughly 7.5 weeks. Because of the accelerated nature of the courses, you attend fewer sessions at once, giving you the time to fully explore your courses without becoming overburdened.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must have completed the 12th standard in a secondary school with a 3.00 grade point average (GPA).
  • Candidates must satisfy the following competency standards: Algebra I, geometry, algebra II, and one course in which Algebra II is a prerequisite in four years of math; Science in the Laboratory: three years overall (1 year each from any of the following areas are accepted: biology, chemistry, earth science, integrated sciences, and physics).
  • Candidates must have scored 61/120 in TOEFL.
  • International students who match the academic (aptitude) standards for an on-campus program but do not speak English well may be offered conditional undergraduate admission by ASU. Your conditional admission will give you some extra time to work on your English before you enroll in classes at ASU. You have three semesters to fulfill one of these conditions in order to start your ASU experience after receiving your conditional admission offer.

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English Proficiency Test Requirements

Moreover, you must submit ACT or SAT results that satisfy the following minimal university requirements:

  • ACT composite score of at least 22 for inhabitants of Arizona (24 or above for non-residents).
  • SAT reasoning score of 1120 or above, or 1180 for non-residents of Arizona.

Application Process

Students need to go through the following general steps in order to study abroad:

  1. Check out the whole curriculum, student testimonials, and overall school ranking when narrowing down your list of universities and courses. You may also use Leverage Edu’s AI course finder to help you pick the best course for you. 
  1. To find answers to all of your questions about the program, the application procedure, the fees, the teaching method, placements, etc., get in touch with the universities you’ve been shortlisted for. 
  1. Prepare for standardized examinations like the GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT as well as other tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.
  1. Preparing application essays. An important component of the application is writing a compelling and original SOP because it carries a lot of weightage. The student may need to submit essays for admission and research proposals for the MBA and PhD programs.

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Documents Required

To study abroad, you require the documents mentioned below:

Career Opportunities

Students who complete the forensic psychology focus in the psychology bachelor’s program are prepared for professions in the domains of criminal justice and mental health. Graduates of the program are prepared for master’s and doctorate studies in legal, clinical, and forensic psychology, which are required for many psychology positions. The job titles and salaries in the careers examples below are not necessarily entry-level positions, so students should think about how years of experience, location, and necessary advanced degrees or certifications may alter pay scales.

Global Opportunities

Students in the psychology department gain more information and experience through study abroad that will help them stand out in a variety of job domains. Students who study abroad are exposed to distinctive variations in the human condition, given the opportunity to advance their language and intercultural communication abilities, and faced with the difficulty of adjusting to novel social and cultural situations.

Global Education programs give students more than 300 alternatives so they can customize their educational experience to fit their own interests and skill sets. Students in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences can pursue their various fields and interests in various locations throughout the world, whether in a foreign country, in the United States, or online.

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Q1. Which is the best state to opt for forensic psychology?

Ans. Oregon, California, New York, and Louisiana are a few of the best states to opt for forensic psychology. 

Q2. Is there any scope for forensic psychology?

Ans. Yes, it is huge in demand and offers excellent opportunities. 

Q3. What is the salary of forensic psychologists in India?

Ans. The salary of forensic psychologists in India is 15-26 Lakh per annum. 

We have covered everything in detail about pursuing a forensic psychology course from Arizona State University. Get in touch with Leverage Edu experts for assistance with study abroad programs. Call us immediately at 1800572000 for a 30-minute free counseling session.

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