Study Abroad: New Zealand’s Growing Popularity as a Study Destination for International Students

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Great news for students looking to study abroad! New Zealand has seen a significant rise in international student enrolments in the first eight months of 2023. This is a clear indication that New Zealand is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for international education.


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Surge in International Student Numbers

The tertiary education and skills ministry in New Zealand reported a staggering 43% increase in international student enrolments between January and August 2023 compared to the entire year of 2022. This translates to a total of 59,306 students enrolling in various colleges and institutes across the country.

India Among Top Sending Countries

Students from China make up the largest group of international students in New Zealand (36%). However, India is close behind with a significant 10% share, alongside Japan. This highlights the growing interest from Indian students in pursuing higher education in New Zealand.

Study Abroad: New Zealand's Growing Popularity as a Study Destination for International Students

Diversification in Educational Choices

There’s good news for students with diverse interests! The rise in enrolments isn’t limited to just universities. All sub-sectors of education, except wānanga, have witnessed growth.

Here’s a breakdown of the enrolment increase across different sub-sectors:

  • English Language Schools: The biggest jump (347%) was seen in English language schools, with enrolments going from 1,565 to an impressive 7,001. This indicates a growing interest in improving English language proficiency before pursuing further studies.
  • Schools: Enrolments in schools witnessed a 114% increase, from 5,925 to 12,662.
  • Universities: The number of students enrolling in universities grew by 15%, reaching 27,535 from 24,040.
  • Te Pūkenga (New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology): Enrolments here rose by 32%, going from 4,955 to 6,560.
  • Private Training Establishments: A 13% increase was recorded, with enrolments rising from 5,000 to 5,671.

This variety in enrolment growth showcases a well-rounded education system in New Zealand that caters to various academic goals.

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Universities Remain a Major Draw & Focus on Diversification

Universities and schools continue to be the most popular choices for international students in New Zealand. The government, however, acknowledges the importance of diversifying the source countries for international students. This will ensure a richer cultural exchange and a broader range of perspectives within the educational institutions.

Why Choose New Zealand for Your Studies?

New Zealand’s growing popularity as a study destination can be attributed to several factors:

  • High-Quality Education: New Zealand boasts a world-class education system with internationally recognized qualifications.
  • Beautiful & Safe Environment: The country is known for its stunning natural landscapes and a safe and welcoming society.
  • Post-Study Work Opportunities: Many international students find opportunities to work in New Zealand after completing their studies.

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Overall, New Zealand presents a compelling option for students seeking a high-quality education in a beautiful and welcoming environment. With the increasing number of enrolments and the government’s focus on diversification, New Zealand is poised to become an even more popular choice for international students in the years to come. 

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