Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Artists and scientists both benefit society.

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Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Artists and scientists both benefit society.

Q. Artists and scientists both benefit society. Compare the contributions of artists and scientists. Which type of contribution do you think is valued more in your culture? Give examples.

Ans. Artists and scientists both have different approaches but they enrich our society significantly. Artists with the help of their creative expression, inspire, provoke thoughts and provide cultural commentary. They capture the essence of human experience and foster empathy and understanding among people. For example, a poignant painting or a piece of music can stir a variety of emotions and help stimulate conversations. 


On the other hand, scientists through their research and innovative inventions, drive societal progress. They help enhance our understanding of the world, leading to advancements in technology, medicine and many other fields. For example, the development of vaccines for chronic diseases has saved countless lives. 

In my culture, both contributions are valued in different ways. Artistic contributions are more visible and immediate, resonating with people on an emotional level. Scientific contributions, while sometimes less tangible in the short term, have profound long-term impacts. Therefore, it’s not a matter of which is valued more, but rather an appreciation of how both enrich our lives in their unique ways.

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