Study Abroad Travel Hacks

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Study Abroad Travel Hacks

When a student decides to study abroad, the first thing they do is conduct extensive research about the universities and the programme they’ll be attending. Because there is so much information on the internet, they do research on the neighbourhood where they will be staying, how they will handle their utilities and other things of that nature. Most of the time, they wind up packing too much or forgetting some important items while travelling. So, to help you get the most out of your experience here is the definitive study abroad travel guide. 


Become a Tech Savvy

Even if you despise technology and gadgets, at the very least become increasingly pervasive with the region you intend to visit, develop the habit of sharing your current location, and keep the emergency contact numbers on speed dial. You should also be aware that some locations have a specific app, so do your homework and research in advance. You might need to register for a local track and trace system before visiting some locations.  

Continue exploring local digital maps, become familiar with the area, and learn how to use maps in an unfamiliar setting. If you don’t know the language there, you might also need to learn a few useful words and phrases. Apps are readily available to assist with all of these. 

Additionally, store all of your data digitally. All transcripts, grade reports, passport copies, and id cards are in a digital format. This will help you if your originals are lost or misplaced and will provide you access to them wherever you are.

Always Travel Light

Never overpack, is what we mean to convey. Always pack light, comfortable attire, and avoid overpacking your suitcase. It’s always a good idea to intelligently separate items rather than jamming everything into one bag. We are aware that if you go to your dream location, you won’t be visiting your hometown very often, but stuffing yourself is never a good idea. Things are available pretty much everywhere these days. Therefore, unwind and only bring the bare minimum with you when you travel. Keep in mind that less chaos equals less stuff.

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Use a Local Sim Card

The best way to enhance your stay when studying abroad is to buy a local SIM card the moment you move to a different country. This is the best option for staying connected after moving abroad. Before departing for an international higher education trip, it is strongly advised to bring a prepaid international SIM card from India. It is generally cheaper than carrying a SIM card from your home country on roaming.

How to Handle Money and Cards

No matter how much a country’s currency is worth in relation to your own, banks and credit card firms will find a million different methods to plunder away your savings. Get a credit card with no foreign transaction fees from your bank. Most cards allow you to collect points that you can later exchange for points or cash back in addition to saving you money on fees. Just be sure to keep an eye on your expenditures and complete your bill payments on time.

Essential Things

There is a long list of necessary stuff that you must have. You merely need to find such items that are portable and functional in all countries. For example, carrying a universal travel adaptor is a good idea. It will be functional in any country. You must remember that it only changes the plug configuration and not the voltage. Keep reusable items on hand to lessen the pain of having to buy things frequently. Always have a travel sling bag for your important documents. 

Now that you’ve got the ultimate travel hack, pack up your suitcase and start making plans for your study abroad journey! To read more engaging blogs, visit Leverage Edu.

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