Art Vocabulary IELTS: List of Words, Exercises, and Tips

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arts vocabulary for ielts

Art Vocabulary IELTS: One of the widely opted English proficiency tests to study abroad, IELTS  is famously known to be quite a tricky yet well-structured language test partaken by numerous students annually.  The purpose of this examination is to evaluate reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in English for students applying for a foreign university. At the core of IELTS proficiency lies the evaluation of refined vocabulary of the language in relation to arts, Science, and food, to name a few. 

Keeping in mind your earnest need to cover the art vocabulary of IELTS, this blog article focuses on bringing a list of art vocabulary and sample exercises, along with a few preparation tests to get you going. 

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15+ List of Words for Art IELTS Vocabulary

Before any further ado, let’s jump straight to know some of the highly used Art vocabularies for IELTS so that you can learn and implement them in your daily word usage. 

Vocabulary Meaning
Aesthetic Praise and pleasure for a thing of beauty
Artist A professional or amateur person who paints or draws.
Genre A category of literature, music or arts
Gallery A place to display or sell artwork
Masterpiece Outstanding workmanship or art piece 
Work of Art Something praiseworthy made by any artist
Canvas A strong, coarse unbleached cloth woven from flax, hemp,
or a similar yarn and used to build sails and tents as well as
a surface for oil painting.
Landscape Area of land visible to the eyes and is aesthetically appealing 
Portrait A photograph, painting, or drawing of a person, especially highlighting
features of the head and shoulder.
Sculpture A three-dimensional abstract representation on a wood, metal cast,
or plaster.
Motif An ornamental image or design, especially one that is repeated to
make a pattern.
Curator A custodian or keeper of art collections in museums
Sketch A strong, coarse unbleached cloth woven from flax, hemp,
or a similar yarn used to build sails and tents as well as
a surface for oil painting.
Composition A creative work of art, especially a piece of poem or music. 
Oil Paint Paint made with ground pigment and oil such as linseed. 

IELTS Art Vocabulary Exercises

If you have already checked out the vocabulary, then all you need is to try answering the following IELTS Art vocabulary exercise and test your understanding level of the words. 

Exercise________ originated in the 1970s, in New York City, when youngsters started spraying paint on subways and industrial buildings. Salvador Dali was a highly renowned ________ artist of the 20th century. Lots of modern artworks are produced to be deliberately  ________ and controversial. Studying arts enables students to appreciate _________ qualities of literature, paintings, and music. Decades ago, the ________________ were often cherished as a possession of richer classes and aristocrats. 


  1. Graffiti art
  2. Surrealist
  3. Provocative
  4. Aesthetic 
  5. Portraits of women

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How to Learn Art Vocabulary IELTS?

By following these simple steps, you can achieve any milestone, let alone mastering the Art Vocabulary IELTS. Take a closer look at the pointers given below to improve your learning of the IELTS vocabulary:

  • First and foremost, find a good source of IELTS Vocabulary learning material and get started with your preparation.
  • Make a note of different vocabularies you get encountered, for revising at a glance.
  • Build a habit of inculcating new Art vocabulary in your daily communication. 
  • It is always good to look for synonyms. This will help you in widening your IELTS vocabulary horizon. 
  • Ask for genuine feedback from professionals and review your progress from time to time. 


What is the IELTS vocabulary for Arts?

In the IELTS vocabulary for Art, candidates require to be well-versed with all the latest terminologies of Arts. Be it about elements, colour, shape, texture, or spaces, examinees need to be prepared with the updated vocabulary to be tested in their IELTS exam.

Is it tough to prepare for Art Vocabulary IELTS?

No, if considering the ways of preparing like watching movies and shows related to art for art vocabulary IELTS, it is fun rather than hard to improve art vocabulary.  

How can I improve my IELTS Vocabulary for Art?

To improve your Art vocabulary in IELTS you would need to read, learn, and bring into practice the latest words and expressions of Art in your daily life. You can also choose to consume English content from movies, podcasts, essays, etc as a source of IELTS learning material.

We hope the information mentioned in this blog helped you in improving your Arts vocabulary for IELTS. Leverage Edu provides excellent online IELTS preparation. Get in touch with our experts to get a free counselling session, reach us at 1800572130 to start your IELTS preparation with Leverage Edu‘s Leverage Live classes.

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