Details About USA Tourist Visa Requirements

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USA Tourist Visa Requirements

The USA is a very vibrant country attracting tourists from across the world. People come to the country seeking an exciting life, exploring culture, and fun opportunities, and developing beautiful experiences. The country is one of the top tourist destinations, but to travel to the USA certain steps need to be followed, and getting a visa is the first among them. There are several requirements for the tourist visa application. Through this blog let’s know about all the USA tourist visa requirements. 

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What Is a USA Tourist Visa?

Foreign nationals can visit the USA for tourism, to meet family or friends, and for leisure purposes. The visa that allows people to visit and stay in the country for the mentioned reasons is called a tourist visa or a B2 visa. The tourist visa will be applicable for a defined duration (6 months) and allow the stay for the period of applicability that is granted. This visa can be applied for an extension if needed to extend the duration of the stay.

USA Tourist Visa Requirements

USA Tourist Visa Requirements
USA Tourist Visa Requirements

Several USA tourist visa requirements need to be met for the application process to be started. There are two different categories of requirements, eligibility criteria, and documentation requirements. Let’s look at both the requirements.

Eligibility Criteria Requirements

You must be traveling for one of the following mentioned reasons to be eligible for the B2 visa. If you do not fit into the eligibility criteria, you need to look for another type of visa that fits your needs.

  • You want to have a tour of the cities of the USA
  • You want to have a holiday in the USA
  • You want to be a part of the event hosted in the country by a certain organization
  • You want to visit some friend or family member residing in the country
  • You want to attend a short course that holds no credits
  • You have to go through medical treatment in the country

Documentation Requirements

The documents to fulfill USA tourist visa requirements are:

  • You must hold a valid passport with blank pages in it
  • A passport-size photograph that is clicked according to the guidelines for a UK visa
  • A proof of payment of the visa fee
  • Confirmation page and code of the form DS-160
  • Your purpose of visit should be described clearly in a letter
  • Proof of interview being confirmed
  • You must have at least 266 USD for each day of your planned stay in the country and proof to show the same
  • You would have to return to the home country and should have some ties with it as proof of will to return
  • If you are going to the USA to meet friends or family, you need to have a letter of invitation from them
  • Your relative’s status documents in the country 
  • You will have to provide the social media details of each of your accounts on all the platforms that you are social at
  • If you had any prior visits, documents of the same would be required
  • If you are going for a course, you need to submit a transcripts or diploma details
  • Letter from the authorities showcasing your clear background with no criminal records
  • If you are visiting for some treatment, a letter from the doctor would be required of your diagnosis and treatment details confirmation.

USA Tourist Visa Application Process

Post the complete check on the USA tourist visa requirements has been made, the visa application can be put in for processing. The process for applying for a B2 visa for the USA is:

  • You will have to fill out an online application form for the application of USA visa called DS-160 and submit 
  • The application fee of 185 USD needs to be paid. There can be other charges according to the ties of your country to the USA like insurance, etc. Keep the receipt for the submission as a documentation requirement
  • Schedule an interview with an embassy in your country save the interview confirmation letter for documentation and to bringing along for the interview at the scheduled date
  • Go to the interview on the scheduled date along with all the documents to be submitted there in an organized manner

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USA Tourist Visa Extention Process

You can apply for an extension on your B2 visa if required. The visa can be extended for 6 months. The application needs to be put in at least 42 days before the expiry of the current visa.  The application can not be made within the first three months of the arrival in the country.

The application should be made online by the submission of the following documents:

  • You should submit a valid passport copy
  • The I-539 Form, completed with the correct information
  • Financial statement or other document showing the availability of finance for the required duration of the stay
  • A letter with a request for an extension clearly stating the reason for the extension
  • Copy of the I-94 card or the original card ( I-94 card is a card as proof of legal entry in the USA)
  • The receipt of the payment of the fee for visa extension application. The fee is 370 USD.

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What is the duration of a tourist or B2 visa to the USA?

The maximum time of stay a person can have in the USA on a B2 Visa or a tourist visa is 6 months. Post the duration of six months, if you need to stay in the country, you will have to apply for an extension on the visa.

What is the time for the processing of the tourist visa for the USA?

The processing time for the tourist visa is not fixed. It can take a few weeks to a few months. It is advised to apply for the visa at the earliest and by checking the guidelines of the embassy in your country.

What is the tourist visa fee for the USA?

The visa fee for the application form for a tourist visa USA is 185 USD and the fee for the application for the extension of the tourist visa is 370 USD.

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