What is a Marriage Green Card Timeline? A Detailed Breakdown

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marriage green card timeline

Getting a Green Card through marriage involves several steps and can take time. This blog will help you understand the timeline for getting a marriage Green Card. We will cover the key stages, from filing the initial petition to receiving your Green Card. Knowing what to expect can make the process smoother and less stressful. Whether you are just starting or already in the process, this guide will provide valuable insight into the Marriage Green Card timeline.

What is a Marriage Green Card?

A marriage green card is also known as a marriage-based green card. A marriage Green Card is a U.S. immigrant visa that allows the spouse of a U.S. citizen to become a permanent resident to live and work in the United States as a permanent resident. The process of getting this visa involves many stages such as filing petitions and attending interviews to prove the authenticity of the marriage.

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What is the Marriage Green Card Timeline?

Getting a Green Card through marriage is a straightforward process if completed properly. 8 to 5 months is the average total processing time for a marriage-based green card and it depends upon whether you are married to a U.S citizen or a U.S green card holder.

marriage green card timeline

What is Adjustment Of Status

After getting what is Marriage Green Card Timeline you can refer to the below-given para to understand Adjustment Of Status-

Adjustment of status is a process in the United States that allows individuals who are already present in the country to apply for lawful permanent resident status without having to return to their home country to complete visa processing This process is typically used by those who are eligible for a green card through family, employment, or other specific categories.

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The Process Of Applying For The Adjustment of Status

Determine whether you are eligible for the Green Card or not.

File an immigrant petition before applying for the adjustment of status. This could be:

  • Formal-130(petition for Alien Relative)
  • Form 1-140 (Immigration Petition for Alien worker)
  • Form l-360(petition for Amerasian,widow(er)or special immigrant)
  • Forma l-526(Immigration petition by Alien Investor)
  • Special categories may have their petitions, such as asylum or U visa holders.
marriage green card timeline

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  • Ensure that a visa number is available in your category and for this, you can go through the visa bulletin issued by the U.S Department of State
  • Applicants have to file the form l-485
  • After filling up the application form l-485 applicants have to attend the biometrics appointment.
  • Applicants have to respond to the request for the Evidence if USCIS requires any additional information.
  • The last applicant just has to appear for the interview and wait for the decision.

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Requirements For The Marriage Green Card

  • The marriage must be legitimate with a US citizen or Lawful permanent resident.
  • Applicant’s US citizens or Lawful permanent resident spouses must have income at least 125 per cent of the federal poverty level.
  • Applicants must not have a criminal background or must be in good health to avoid any sort of threat to the country.
  • An application form l-130 must be filed by the applicant with USCIS and get approved too.
  • Applicants must complete an adjustment of status or consular processing.
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Application Process Of The Marriage Green Card

 As we know the Marriage Green Card Timeline is 8-5 months and here we learn how to apply for a Marriage Green Card and application process for a Marriage Green Card is a three steps process-

  • Firstly the U.S citizen spouse establishes the marriage relationship by filling out Form I-130. After filling up the application form l-130 applicants will be called out for an interview with the immigration officer.
  • Secondly, If you are living in the U.S. you have to apply for a Green Card through adjustment of status(Form I-485) or if you are applying from any other nation instead of the U.S then you have to fill out Form D-260. 
  • Lastly, applicants have to attend the Green Card interview and then have to wait for approval.

Documents Required For The Marriage Green Card

Here is the list of required documents for the Marriage Green Card application-

  • The applicant’s legal marriage certificate will be required
  • If applicable then proof of previous marriage divorce will be required
  • Applicants have to provide proof of legal entry into the U.S
  • The birth certificate of the beneficiary will be required
  • A valid proof of U.S citizenship will be required
  • The applicant has to provide proof of their legal marriage

What is the Cost Of Marriage Green Card Cost?

For a spouse living in the United States 3005 Dollars is the government filing fee for applying for a Marriage Green Card the amount is 1340 for a spouse living outside the United States. This given amount of the Marriage Green Card application fee does not include the cost of the medical examination which is around 200 to 500 Dollars.


How long does it take to get a green card after marriage?

To get a green card requires time around 8-5 months after marriage. although requiring a Green Card is not that easy as it has several steps and forms which an applicant has to fulfill.

What is the timeline for marriage-based AOS?

For the spouse of a U.S citizen, 10-23 months is the current processing time for adjustment of status after marriage. Adjustment of status is a process in the United States that allows individuals who are already present in the country to apply for lawful permanent resident status without having to return to their home country.

Is it hard to get a green card through marriage?

Getting a Green Marriage Card is not easy there are multiple requirements which a candidate must fulfil. and if you make any irrelevant mistake throughout the whole process then you can get rejection for the Marriage Green Card Visa.

Here we have completed our article which was about the Marriage Green Card and if you want more updates about jobs abroad, universities and visa abroad you can follow the Leverage Edu’s page.

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