2024 Luxembourg Work Visa Requirements: All You Need To Know

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luxembourg work visa requirements

Luxembourg is considered as the least populated city in Europe but the GDP of Luxembourg per capita is highest. It is known as the home to numerous EU institutions with this it holds a highly developed economy. The calmness and the various opportunities which Luxembourg provide is the major attraction for professionals to come and work in Luxembourg. To work in Luxembourg one needs to acquire a work visa or pass and to know more about the same read the article which is about the Luxembourg  Work Visa Requirements.

What Is Luxembourg Work Visa?

A Luxembourg Work Visa is the type of visa which allows a non-EU citizen to live and work in Luxembourg. The main things which you must know about the Luxembourg Work Visa are-

  • One can get the visa only if you have a job offer and your hiring employer has applied for a work permit for you.
  • Once you get the work permit then you apply for the visa at the Luxembourg consulate in your home country.
 luxumbourg work visa requirements

Types Of Work Visa In Luxembourg

There are three types of work visa as mentioned below-

  • Short Stay: A: A short stay visa allows an individual to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days and during this period an applicant stays there continuously and for the interrupted period too.
  • Long Stay Visa D: This type of visa is granted to third-country nationals who want to travel to Luxembourg for more than 3 months for work purposes or to meet a family member etc.
  • EU Blue Card: Employees who are third-country nationals and want to work in Luxembourg for more than 3 months can apply for the EU Blue Card Visa.

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Eligibility Criteria  For The Luxembourg Work Visa

The eligibility criteria one has to fulfil for the Luxembourg Work Visa are mentioned below-

  • One must have professional qualifications and work experience
  • Academic qualifications will be required
  • Most importantly an applicant must not have any criminal record
 luxumbourg work visa requirements

Documents Required For Luxembourg Work Visa

To get the Luxembourg work visa one must have the documents which are mentioned below-

  • An applicant Has to provide proof of professional qualifications for the work experience.
  • A recent passport-size photograph will be required
  • Applicant’s birth certificate will be required
  • An applicant has to show proof of no criminal record
  • A copy of your resume and professional qualifications will be required
  • An Employment Contract will be required
  • Certificates allow the employer to hire non-EU citizens
  • Cover letter giving reasons for moving to Luxembourg

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Application Process For The Luxembourg Work Visa Requirements

For the people who want to apply for the Luxembourg Work Visa the detailed process is mentioned below-

  • Before proceeding to apply one must have all the required documents
  • One should apply for temporary leave to stay in the country facilitated by the Immigration Directorate of Luxembourg
  • Obtain a temporary visa
  • After all this filling out the type D visa application form on arrival in Luxembourg is necessary
  • Applicants have to submit the application in the area where he/she wants to live and work. The process has the following steps such as-

Applicants have to submit the declaration at the local administration centres specifying that the applicant wants to live in this particular area.

Then, the applicant has to undergo a medical examination

One can download the formal application form from Luxembourg’s government website and can reapply for the visa if the candidate wants to stay after the validity of the visa has ended.

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How do I get a work visa for Luxembourg?

To get a Luxembourg work visa one has to follow the steps such as you should first check whether you meet the eligibility criteria or not then you have to gather all documents which should be submitted with the application and lastly you have to fill out the application form and pay the fee after submission.

Does Luxembourg sponsor a work visa?

The answer is no Luxembourg doesn’t sponsor any sort of work visa and to get it is up to the employer who is hiring you to sponsor your work visa.

Does Luxembourg offer PR?

When you get settled in Luxembourg and complete your Five consecutive years without any interruption between then you can apply for Permanent Residence in Luxembourg.

What are the unskilled jobs in Luxembourg?

Unskilled jobs available in Luxembourg include Retail Assistance, Construction Laborers, Warehouse workers, KItchen assistance, Agricultural labour etc.

Here we have completed our article which was about the Luxembourg Work Visa Requirements and to know more about visa abroad you can stay connected with Leverage Edu’s page.

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