Here Are Details About Georgia Tourist Visa Requirements For Indians In 2024

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Georgia Tourist Visa Requirements For Indians

Georgia has everything from incredible landscapes to a mesmerizing culture with hospitable people and amazing food. The country welcomes tourists from across the world throughout the year, including many Indian tourists. Whether Indian or tourists from other countries, all individuals need visas to travel to Georgia. To get a Georgia tourist visa, certain requirements need to be fulfilled. Through this blog, let’s get to know about Georgia tourist visa requirements for Indians.

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What Is A Georgia Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa is a permit that allows foreign internationals to travel to a country and lets them have a desired stay in the country for a permitted period. A tourist visa is obtained by people who are going for solely travel and tourism purposes or to meet family or friends in the country. The visa validity of a Georgia tourist visa is 3 months.  

Georgia Tourist Visa Requirements For Indians

Georgia Tourist Visa Requirements For Indians For Eligibility

The following are the eligibility criteria for Georgia tourist visa requirements for Indians:

  • You must have a genuine tourism reason and good intentions behind the purpose of travelling. You must be a genuine travelling enthusiast 
  • You must have sufficient finances to support yourself during your stay in the country
  • You must be physically fit and have health certification
  • You must have a character certificate to prove your character 
  • You must have some ties to the home country that give you reasons to return to the country and surety of return, life family, etc
  • You must have made all the necessary arrangements for travel and staying already and have proof of all.

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Georgia Tourist Visa Documents Requirement For Indians

Georgia Tourist Visa Requirements For Indians


You will have to submit two copies of the passport-size photograph of yourself with the given specifications:

  • The dimensions of the photo should be 35×45
  • It must cover about 80% of your face
  • The background should be white
  • The finish of the photo should be matte
  • It must be a recent photo with neutral expressions on the face
  • There should be no teeth shown in the picture, no glasses worn, no headgear apart from religious reasons, the hair must be tied back and the ear of the individual must be visible 


You must have a valid passport for the purpose of travelling to Georgia, the specifications are:

  • It should be valid for six months from the date of your return to your own country
  • It must be original or certified
  • The passport should not be damaged or should not have missing pages
  • It must have at least two blank pages.

Old Passport

The traveller is required to submit the old passport if any i.e. an expired passport or a passport that is invalid now and is not in use but was used before your current passport.

Flight Ticket

Along with the other documents the passenger needs to submit the air tickets too, the specification should be:

  • The ticket should be confirmed
  • The ticket should be both ways and should mention all the details of travel 

Cover letter

The applicants are required to submit a cover letter with the following details in it:

  • The purpose of your travel
  • If travelling to a family or friend, mention their details and attach their invitation letter
  • Mention the availability of funds
  • Provide all the details about the accommodation that you have booked for staying in the country
  • You must mention your will to return after your travel requirement is fulfilled

Travel Insurance

Travellers are mandated to get travel insurance to be able to travel to the country. The specifications are:

  • It must be taken from an authorised company
  • The validity should be at least 10 days extra from the travel 
  • It must cover the whole trip
  • It must mention all the details of the applicant

Bank Statement

It is mandatory to provide your bank statement for verification. The statement should have:

  • It should be submitted originally from your savings account
  • It must have a signature and seal/stamp from the bank on every page
  • It must show that you have sufficient money to support yourself during the trip
  • It should be printed on an A4 sheet

Other documents

The other documents that should be submitted with the above-mentioned documents are:

  • Completely filled application form with the correct information
  • Your travel itinerary
  • Income tax statements
  • Receipt of application fee paid

How To Apply For Georgia Tourist Visa

The application process for a tourist visa to Georgia is as follows:

  • Submit an e-application to make an appointment to submit documents at the embassy or consulate
  • Make an appointment at the time of application
  • Gather all the documents mentioned above or other documents mentioned at the time of the application
  • Make sure you meet the requirements before going to the embassy
  • Pay the application fee after you apply online
  • Submit the documents on the date of appointment by going to the embassy or visa centre

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What is the cost of a Tourist Visa to Georgia?

The cost of a tourist visa to Georgia per person is 1700 INR for 15 days and 2528 INR for 30 days. 

Is Georgia a good country to travel to?

Georgia is a beautiful country if you want to experience an amazing landscape. The country has everything from beautiful mountains to mesmerizing rivers. The people are hospitable and the food is too delicious to be tasted at least once in a lifetime.

What is the processing time for a Georgia visa application?

The processing time for different Georgia visa applications is different. The processing time for travel visa applications is around 10 business days.

We hope you understand everything about Georgia tourist visa requirements for Indians. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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