Educational History of G20 Leaders

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Educational History of G20 Leaders

The G20 Summit 2023 is upon us. For the first time in G20 history, the summit is being hosted in South Asia and the privilege has been granted to India. 

The G20, also known as the Group of 20, is a forum comprising developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. The group meets yearly to discuss issues of international relevance and important agendas. As the representatives of each country make their way to this year’s summit, let’s take a look at the educational history of some of the G20 leaders.

Australia – Anthony Albanese

Anthony Albanese is the current prime minister of Australia who has been in power since the year 2022. He has been the leader of the Australian Labor Party and is the 31st Prime Minister of Australia. 

As far as education is concerned, Anthony Albanese studied economics at The University of Sydney. It was during this time that Albanese took a keen interest in politics and started involving himself in student politics. 

Canada – Justin Trudeau 

Justin Pierre James Trudeau is the 23rd as well as current prime minister of Canada since the year 2015. Trudeau often gets a lot of attention for his looks but he is also credited with formulating a lot of policies and frameworks that have helped Canada achieve some great milestones.

Justin Trudeau has completed his Bachelor of Arts in Literature from McGill University. Further, Trudeau also has a bachelor of education degree from the University of British Columbia

China – Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is one of the longest-serving prime ministers at the current summit having been in power since the year 2012. Further, Xi Jinping has also served as the president of the People’s Republic of China since the year 2013. 

During his formative years, Xi Jinping spent most of his life in China itself. Accordingly, most of his education was also in China. Xi Jinping studied Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University as a worker, peasant, student and soldier. 

France – Emmanuel Macron 

Emmanuel Macron has been serving as the French president since the year 2017 after having served as a Minister of Economics and Assistant Secretary-General. It would be interesting to note here that, as far as education is concerned, Macron wasn’t always a huge success. 

During his early years, Macron twice tried unsuccessfully to get admitted to École normale supérieure. Despite his failures, Macron did not lose hope and chose to study Philosophy at Paris Nanterre University and graduated with flying colours. Subsequently, Macron also pursued a master’s degree in public affairs at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. 

India – Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the current and 14th Prime Minister of India and has been in power since the year 2014. Narendra Modi is also the longest-serving prime minister of India from outside the Indian National Congress.

As regards education, Narendra Modi has completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Open Learning, University of Delhi. Subsequently, Modi also completed a Master of Arts degree in Political Science from Gujarat University, graduating with first-class honours.

United Kingdom – Rishi Sunak

The UK PM, Rishi Sunak (not to be confused with Ashish Nehra), only became prime minister of the UK recently. Sunak was born to parents of Punjabi heritage who later migrated to Britain.

As far as education goes, Sunak may have the most impressive CV of all the leaders on this list. His college life began at Winchester College and then studied philosophy, politics, and economics at the reputed Lincoln College, Oxford. Thereafter, Rishi Sunak also went and completed his MBA from Stanford University in California. A true all-rounder indeed!

Russia – Vladimir Putin

The longest-serving leader on this list, Vladimir Putin has been in power as the prime minister or president of Russia since the year 1999. This year, Putin is also likely to be the most controversial figure at the summit owing to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Putin was a law student at Leningrad State University where his political journey also began. Further, in the year 1997, Putin finished a PhD in Economics at the Saint Petersburg Mining University.

United States of America – Joe Biden

Joe Biden is currently serving as the 46th president of the United States of America after having successfully served as the Vice-President of the USA under President Barack Obama. Preceded by Donald Trump, Biden assumed office in January 2021 and has been in power since.

As far as education goes, Joe Biden obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware in 1965 and subsequently a law degree from Syracuse University in New York.

So that’s about it. As you can see, most international leaders have undertaken a tough academic path to get where they are today. We hope these leaders of today can inspire the leaders of tomorrow. 

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