Top 5 G20 Countries for Sports Management Courses

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G20 Countries for Sports Management Courses
G20 Countries for Sports Management Courses

Sports Management is a field of study which covers business aspects of sports. Through sports management, professionals in the sports industry maintain economic stability, providing continued enjoyment and financial gains to all stakeholders. The study of this stream at colleges includes knowledge of handling the administrative aspects of sports clubs, teams, athletes, sports venues, sports events, and sportspeople. The impact of this course begins at the basic levels, such as schools and colleges, leading to local, national, and global levels. In this article, the students will get to know about the top G20 countries for sports management courses.

Is Sports Management a Good Choice for a Career? 

Sports Management is a well-paid career in the field of sports as it has great benefits and a good salary. With the increase in popularity, people are choosing sports as their field of study and prefer to study abroad to increase their experience in this field. This field is one of the best fields for students who want to make their career in the field of sports.

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Best G20 Countries for Sports Management Courses

Candidates who want to study Sports Management courses from abroad must know the top countries in which they can choose to study this course.

United States of America

The United States of America is one of the best countries to study Sports Management abroad. The United States of America provides a world-class education to students who are capable of pursuing their desired careers. Sports management programs are offered in numerous universities. Degrees from American universities will open job opportunities across the world.


Canada is another best country to study sports management programs for students. The country offers related programs and has a huge selection of universities. These universities are the most recognized universities in the country but also take top spots in the world rankings. Some of the famous universities in Canada are the University of Ottawa, the University of Alberta and the University of British Columbia.


Switzerland is on the list of top countries for sports management. The country is known for its cultural diversity. Switzerland hosts successful industries, such as Finance and Technology. It’s why the country attracts professionals from around the world. Switzerland is a country where there are great opportunities to start a career. Aspiring sports managers may not always find their dream team right after graduation. It helps to start a career by learning first how the industry works.


Lithuania is a country located in Northeastern Europe, next to the Baltic Sea, and is among the places international students go to for Sport Management degrees. The students who want to study sports management courses then Lithuania is a budget-friendly country for students.


The students who want to make their career in sports management courses then Spain is one of the best countries for international students to take admitted to the universities of Spain. The country offers a lively sports culture, with tennis, basketball, and football as some of the favourites. The renowned universities of Spain are the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the EU Business School of Barcelona

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Job Prospects of Sports Management

For candidates who have an interest in Sports Management courses then pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in sports management is an excellent step to achieving your goals. This course will allow the students to explore various job roles such as coordinating events, working in the financial sector, coaching or being a part of marketing events.

Scholarships in Sport Management

The candidates who are going to study abroad for Sports Management countries provide scholarships for sports management which are mentioned below:

  • Marriott Golf Minority Scholarship
  • Joan E.Barr Memorial Scholarship
  • Ewigleben, Robert and Esther Scholarship

Expected Remuneration Salary

A degree in Sports Management opens up a lot of opportunities for students. According to PayScale, here are the annual salaries in the States for the most recognized jobs in Sports Management:

  • Operations Manager – USD 55,707 (INR 45 Lakh)
  • Marketing Manager – USD 59,642 (INR 48 Lakh)
  • Event Coordinator – USD 37,869 (INR 30 Lakh)
  • Athletic Director – USD 57,058 (INR 46,59,304.93)
  • Recreation Coordinator – USD 44,736 (INR 36 Lakh)
  • Athletic Coach – USD 47,249 (INR 38 Lak)

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Specializations for Sports Management

The students who want to study Sports Management must know the specializations in Sports Management. Below mentioned are the specializations for sports management which will help the students:

  • Sports Operations
  • Sports Branding
  • Athlete management
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Advertising
  • Sport Event Management 
  • Sports marketing management
  • Sports Journalism
  • Venue Management
  • Sports PR
  • Sports Media Management
  • Sports Budgeting

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