What is the Full Form of CMO?

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Full Form of CMO

The full form of the CMO is Chief Medical Officer. She/they/he is a healthcare administrator who works in government hospitals, public health, or medical and health department of state and central governments. A Chief Medical Offer presides over the medical department of a state and centre-affiliated public hospital. This designation is designed for senior doctors who have an expertise in public health, lead a team of medical students and Medical Officers, and work as consultants in public hospitals. 

The chief of the medical staff is known as CMO in India, Australia, and New Zealand. This high-ranked medical official is acknowledged as Chief Public Health Officer in Canada and Surgeon General in the USA


 The qualifications of a CMO are as follows:

Skills Required

To become a CMO, an experienced doctor must have the following skills:

Roles and Responsibilities of a CMO

A Chief Medical Officer has to engage in the below-mentioned acts:

  • Manage daily operations of the hospital
  • Oversee the functioning of hospital administration
  • Inspect the progress of junior doctors responsible for patient treatment
  • Supervise training programmes, budgets, and staff hiring
  • Act as the bridge between doctors and hospital management
  • Implement healthcare programmes for the general public and incoming patients
  • Report to the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the hospital
  • Accompany superiors in health department meetings and in-house training programmes.

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