What is the Full Form of AMIE?

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The full form of AMIE is Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers. The AMIE exam is a distance-based engineering degree-level exam administered by the Indian Institute of Engineers for admission to BTech and BE programmes. It is crucial to recognise that AMIE appears to be the only distance learning portal through which students can learn to engineer. All state and federal governments, AICTE, UPSC, and other authors recognise the degrees awarded. You can also study these fields abroad as engineering have a lot of scope abroad and various universities offer these courses.

Eligibility Criteria for AMIE Exam

Mentioned below are the requirements for AMIE Exam:

  • Any applicant who has completed +2 / HSC / PDC with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, and as the primary subjects and a minimum of 45% marks.
  • AMIE is open to candidates with or comparable to a 3-year Polytechnic Diploma in any engineering area. There will be no constraints on the score during the admissions procedure.
  • Applicants with any of the above training certifications are also eligible to participate in AMIE.

Use of AMIE

AMIE is identical to a graduate engineering degree; even a certified student can write for the tests, which include:

Advantages of AIME

The HRD government of India and the All India Council for Technical Education have recognized this (AMIE) degree bearer. It is also advantageous for higher study overseas.

  • This course qualifies for all types of state and federal government positions.
  • It is excellent to study abroad for additional higher education.
  • During this time, learning is consistent, and you can earn and study while doing the same to improve your industrial expertise.
  • You are free to pursue your preferred engineering field.

Syllabus and Duration

In terms of complexity and breadth, AMIE’s curriculum is comparable to that of a B.E./B.Tech. degree.

Section A and Section B comprise the AMIE course syllabus (equivalent to the first, second, and third years of any conventional degree study).

Candidates must first prepare for and pass Section A of the AMIE test before taking the AMIE exam. The total number of topics in Section A varies from student to student and from experience to experience.

AMIE may usually be completed in a fair length of time. Sections A and B can be finished in a total of six years, with each component having a maximum of six years. A student who studies methodically will be able to complete the course effectively in less time than the maximum allowed time, regardless of the course’s maximum time allotted.

Branches of AIME Exam

The following are some of the individual branches of the AMIE course that fall under it:

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