What is the Full Form of BBC?

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The full form of BBC is British Broadcasting Corporation. It is one of the biggest television networks in the world. It is also the world’s oldest national broadcaster. Since its inception in 1922, the BBC has played a significant role in British life and culture.BBC broadcasts news in various other languages other than English. Read on to know more about BBC.

Source: BBC Archives

History of BBC

BBC was founded in 1992, almost 100 years ago. BBC was established under the royal charter of the United Kingdom. Britain’s first live public broadcast was made from the factory of Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company in Chelmsford in June 1920. It was sponsored by the Daily Mail’s Lord Northcliffe and featured the famous Australian soprano Dame Nellie Melba. 

In April 2014, it also funded the BBC World Service to broadcast programs in 28 languages and other services like TV, and radio in Arabic and Persian. 

Source; BBC news

Services of BBC

Here are the services offered by BBC:

  • BBC Television
  • BBC Studios
  • BBC Sport
  • BBC Radio
  • BBC News
  • BBC Online
  • BBC Sounds
  • BBC Weather
  • BBC Music
  • BBC English Regions
  • BBC Scotland
  • BBC Cymru Wales
  • BBC Northern Ireland
  • BBC North
  • BBC Bitesize
Source: BBC News

Functions of BBC

  • BBC provides various types of services including publications, radio and television broadcasts. 
  • BBC’s news channel is recognized worldwide as it is distributed around the world, including India, the United States, China, Brazil, Italy, France and Australia.
  • The majority of BBC programs are focused on news and global affairs. 

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Key People of BBC

Name Position
Richard Sharp Chairman
Tim Davie Director-General
Sir Nicholas Serota Senior Independent Director
Shumeet Banerji Non-executive Director
Sir Damon Buffini Non-executive Director
Shirley Garrood Non-executive Director
Ian Hargreaves Non-executive Director
Sir Robbie Gibb Acting Director, News, and Current Affairs
Muriel Gray Member for Scotland
Dame Elan Closs Stephens Member for Wales
Leigh Tavaziva Chief Operating Officer
Jonathan Munro Acting Director, News and Current Affairs

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