Common List of Prepositions with Examples You Should Check

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List of Prepositions With Examples: Learning from the list of Prepositions is a great way to improve your English vocabulary. These words are mostly used in day-to-day sentences which we might not even know about. However, there is a huge prepositional list you ought to know in English grammar and improve your vocabulary. So, if you wish to learn more about prepositions and their common usage, then you have come to the right blog. 

In this blog, you will get to see a list of prepositions with examples, types of them and how each one of them can be used in sentences. 

What are Prepositions?

A preposition is a word or rather a group of words which are used before a noun, pronoun or noun phrase. They are used to indicate direction, location, and time, to introduce an object or spatial relationships. Some examples of prepositions include ‘at’, ‘on’, ‘in’, ‘of’ and ‘to’. For example, The woman sat on the chair.

The preposition used in this sentence shows that the man sat ‘on’ the chair. 

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11+ Commonly Used List of Prepositions in Everyday Life

Here is the list of prepositions which can be used in sentences.

  1. About
  2. Above
  3. Despite
  4. Past
  5. Round
  6. Since
  7. Through
  8. Among
  9. Beyond
  10. Opposite
  11. Unlike
  12. Underneath
  13. Within
  14. Without

Types of Prepositions with Examples

Prepositions are of various types. They can be categorised into several categories. Here is the list of prepositions with examples.

  1. Prepositions of Time
  2. Prepositions of Place
  3. Prepositions of Movement
  4. Prepositions of Manner

You might now know that types of prepositions can be divided. Therefore, we have compiled a list of prepositions along with their meaning and examples. Below is the list of prepositions that will help you in using them in sentences. 

Preposition of Time

Preposition MeaningExample
AboutIn the time following
(an event or another period)
I am very concerned about her illness.
AgoBefore the present; earlierI saw him not long ago.
AfterIn the time following
(an event or another period of time)
He looked after her baby.
BeforeDuring the time of preceding.She just left before sunrise.
AtExpressing location or arrival in a particular place or positionWe are at war.

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Prepositions of Place

PrepositionMeaning Example
AboardOn or IntoI climbed abroad on the yacht.
AboveIn extended space over and not touchingHe held his arms above his head.
AmidSurround by,
in the middle of
The investigation comes amid growing concerns.
AstrideWith a leg on each sideHe sat on the chair astride.
AmongSituated more or less centrally in the relationSoon I lost her among the crowd.

Prepositions of Movement

PrepositionsMeaning Examples
AwayTo or at a distance from a particular placeThe will was locked away in the safe.
Away fromTo distance something from someone As he drove away from her house, he felt sad.
Behindat or to the far side of
(something), typically to be hidden by it.
He hid the treasure behind the tree.
BelowAt a lower levelThe sun disappeared below the horizon.
BeneathExtending or directly underneathThe ground beneath is full of flowers.

Prepositions of Manner

Prepositions Meaning Example
As forWith regard toAs of yesterday, a lot of them must be in the bar.
As perIn accordance withAs per yesterday, a lot of them must be in the bar.
As toWith respect toHe makes it look so easy as to be ludicrous.
Aside fromApart fromMoney continues to be a problem but aside from that we’re all well.
BarExcept forHer kids were all gone now, bar one.


What is the use of prepositions?

Prepositions are often used in sentences to refer to something. This can either refer to time, location, movement, spatial relationship etc.

List out any 2 rules for prepositions.

1. Each preposition must have an object.
2. The prepositions must be placed before a noun or a pronoun.

How do we identify a preposition?

Prepositions usually appear before a noun or pronoun establishing a relationship between nouns, pronouns and other parts of the sentence.

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