Reporting Verbs Exercises in English with answers [PDF Available]

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Do you know what is a reporting verb? Not many of us know about this or might have not even heard about it. It is a very interesting verb which is a part of the speech. One can converse with another person using reporting verbs. If you wish to know more about this verb, then continue reading this blog. In this blog, we will talk about reporting verbs exercises, and mention a few examples. To test your knowledge we have also listed out some exercises. 

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What is a Reporting Verb?

A reporting verb is a word which is used to talk about something or report on other people’s work. Reporting verbs include – say, tell, reply, believe ask and respond. They are simply used in situations when someone is not quoting someone directly. 

Reporting verbs are usually used in the present tense for facts and current evidence that has not been changed. 

Interesting Fact: Reporting Verbs are also used as communication verbs which are used in reported speech.

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Examples of Reporting Verb

Here are some examples of reporting verbs which will give you an idea about how this is used in sentences:

  • He told me that she was his wife.
  • He said that Sarah was working.
  • She asked (me) where I lived.
  • She asked (me) to babysit for her on Friday. 
  • My mom told me to clean my room.
  • My grandfather told me not to play with the fire.
  • She asked us how to get to the train station.

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Reporting Verbs Exercise 1

Make a few sentences using the reported verbs in brackets without changing the meaning.

  1. You shouldn’t go into the water,” said the coast guard. (advise against)
  2. I’ll go to Paris on holiday,” said John (decide, using infinitive)
  3. “You should apply for the job, said Jack to Stell. (encourage)
  4. “Don’t cross the road there,” he said to the children (warn, using infinitive)
  5. “I’ll make the coffee!” said James. (Insist+on)
  6. “I’ll be early,” I said to my grandmother. (promise + clause)

Reporting Verbs Exercises – 2

Fill in the blanks with the correct option. 

  1. They were surprised when we ______ (announced/told) that we’d quit our jobs to start our own company.
  2. I advised James ______ (that he should/should that she) to speak to his parents before deciding.
  3. My doctor has recommended that I _______ (should/do) more exercise.
  4. Will you remind me _______ (to pay/paying) the gas bill before the end of the month?
  5. Peter was one of the people to congratulate ______ (on me getting/ me on getting) the job.
  6. You always promise _______ (you arrive/to arrive) on time, but you never do.

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Reporting Verbs Exercises – 3

Fill in the blanks with the correct option.

  1. He _______ that the lucky draw winner was Maggie.
  1. Advised
  2. Announced
  3. Informed

2. He ________ us not to drink the tap water.

  1. Warned
  2. Insisted
  3. Informed

3. He ______ taking the train as the traffic was terrible.

  1. Suggested
  2. Claimed
  3. Invited

4. He ______ stealing a hundred dollars from her bag.

  1. Said no
  2. Assured
  3. Denied

5. The CEO _______ taking bribes of over a billion dollars.

  1. Agreed
  2. Admitted
  3. Refused

6. During the meeting, the chairman ________ setting up a special committee to investigate waste.

  1. Proposed
  2. Invited
  3. Declared

Reporting Verbs Exercise 4

Fill in the blanks with the correct reporting verb.

  1. Don’t open the window, it’s raining!

He _____ me not to open the window because it was raining.

  1. “Can I use your phone?”

He _______ if he could use my phone.

  1. “I’ll be home at 6 pm,” said Sarah.

Sarah ______ she will be home at 6 pm.

  1. My boss ______ me to stay late to finish the report.

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What is the purpose of reporting verbs?

Reporting verbs help one introduce the ideas or words of others. It uses words like tell, say or ask. 

What is the rule for reporting verbs?

When using a declarative sentence, one can simply use words like ‘told’, ‘said’, ‘that’ etc in a sentence.

What is the formula for a reporting verb?

Reporting verbs include verb + object + preposition + -ing. 

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