Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises With Answers for Class 12

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With all due honesty, grasping a hold over the rules of Reported Speech can be a handful at times for anyone. They are part and parcel of the English Grammar syllabi of class 12th, alongside tenses and active and passive voices. So, if you are lacking the confidence of a grammar nazi while throat learning the reported speech, do not hesitate and practice the following Direct and Indirect Speech exercises with answers for class 12 via this blog article. 

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Direct and Indirect Speech Exercise for Class 12 – with Answer

Since you are already familiar with the importance of practising exercises in the realm of English grammar, go ahead confidently with Direct and Indirect Speech exercises with answers for class 12, mentioned henceforth while preparing for your CBSE, ICSE, UP, or any other board exam. 

Exercise 1

Question: Rewrite the following Direct Speech into Indirect Speech Sentences: 

  1. “I will visit the museum tomorrow,” said Sarah.
  2. “We have been studying French for two years,” Mark said.
  3. “I am working on my thesis,” she said.
  4. “We will win the competition,” they said confidently.
  5. “I have completed the assignment,” he said.
  6. “The train departs at 9 AM,” the station master said.
  7. “The meeting starts at 11:30 AM,” announced the secretary.
  8. “Please keep the noise down,” the librarian said.
  9. “I will help you with your homework,” Tom said to Lucy.
  10. “The concert begins at 7 PM,” the organizer said.
  11. “We are going to the beach tomorrow,” she said.
  12. “I have never been to Europe,” he mentioned.
  13. “She will arrive by noon,” they said.
  14. “The play starts at 8 PM,” announced the director.
  15. “We have completed the project,” they exclaimed.

Check Your Answers

  1. Sarah said that she would visit the museum the next day.
  2. Mark mentioned that they had been studying French for two years.
  3. She stated that she was working on her thesis.
  4. They expressed confidently that they would win the competition.
  5. He mentioned that he had completed the assignment.
  6. The station master mentioned that the train departed at 9 AM.
  7. The secretary announced that the meeting started at 11:30 AM.
  8. The librarian requested to keep the noise down.
  9. Tom assured Lucy that he would help her with her homework.
  10. The organizer informed us that the concert began at 7 PM.
  11. She said that they were going to the beach the next day.
  12. He mentioned that he had never been to Europe.
  13. They said that she would arrive by noon.
  14. The director announced that the play started at 8 PM.
  15. They exclaimed that they had completed the project.

Exercise 2

Question: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate reporting verbs and correct tense forms:

  1. The teacher _______ the students if they had finished their homework.
  2. He _______ to know if I could lend him my bike.
  3. She _______ if I had seen the latest movie.
  4. They _______ whether we were planning to go to the party.
  5. He _______ me if I could help him with his computer problem.

Check Your Answers

  1. asked
  2. wanted
  3. wondered
  4. asked
  5. asked

Exercise 3

Question: Convert the following reported speech sentences into direct speech:

  1. The doctor asked me if I had any allergies.
  2. She wondered if I would like to join her for lunch.
  3. He inquired if I could help him carry the groceries.
  4. They asked if we knew the way to the nearest park.
  5. She asked if I could open the window for her.

Check Your Answers

  1. “Do you have any allergies?” the doctor asked me.
  2. “Would you like to join me for lunch?” she asked.
  3. “Could you help me carry the groceries?” he inquired.
  4. “Do you know the way to the nearest park?” they asked.
  5. “Could you open the window for me?” she requested.

Direct and Indirect Speech Exercise for Class 12 – without Answer

Now if you are confident with your knowledge of the Direct and Indirect Speech rules, try to solve this worksheet without answers and analyse your progress.

Exercise 5

Convert the following questions from direct speech to indirect speech:

a) “I haven’t eaten all day,” he said.

b) “I wish I could win the lottery,” he sighed.

c) “Is this seat taken?” she inquired.

d) “Do you mind if I open the window?” she asked.

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This was all about the Direct and Indirect Speech exercises with answers for Class 12. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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