Scrape the Barrel Meaning, Example, Synonyms

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Scrape the Barrel

The meaning of the idiom ‘Scrape the Barrel’ is being forced to use the most insignificant or the weakest medium as one’s last resource. To be precise, the idiom symbolises a person’s inability to take a wise decision regarding any circumstantial situation. 

When a person scrapes the barrel, he is more likely in a dire situation. He is willing to do anything possible to turn his adversity into an opportunity.

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Usage with Examples

The usage of ‘Scrape the Barrel’ is liberal to any kind of crisis or clueless situation. To elaborate, through the idiom usage the person is trying to highlight a situation of continuous effort. Be it using a thing to improve a circumstance or including a person in a situation, even though it is not the right choice to make.  

However, using the idiom is likely to denote a person’s disbelief or agitated state of mind towards a decision made by someone else. It is so instance, that the person is contemplating on behalf of the doer in the hope that they might correct their action for good. 

Take a look at the examples given below for better usage of the idiom in your sentences:

  • The restaurant was so busy that they had to scrape the barrel to find enough ingredients to make all the dishes.
  • The company was struggling to find qualified candidates, so they had to scrape the barrel and hire someone with less experience.
  • The team was short on players, so they had to scrape the barrel and ask some inexperienced players to join.

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Scrape the Barrel Synonyms

The phrases mentioned below are synonymous with the idiom:

  • Exhaust all options
  • Use the last resort
  • Dig deep
  • Go to extremes
  • Resort to desperation

Scrape the Barrel Meaning Quiz

Choose the right meaning of the idiom in the sentence, “She had to scrape the barrel to find enough money to pay her rent this month”:

  1. Choose the last resort.
  2. Take a new course.
  3. Find patronage. 

Answer: Choose the last resort

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This was all about the meaning and examples of the idiom scrape the barrel. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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