Future Unreal Conditional Examples: All Forms & Exercise [PDF Available]

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“Imagine a world where you could fly. What would you do?” Did you just notice the usage of future tense to offer an unreal future possibility in the prior question? If not, then here’s your queue. Whenever you talk about something impossible to achieve even in a decade, let alone in the near future, you should use the Future Unreal Conditional to express it.

After all, it helps you to emphasise things that are hard to accomplish. However, to learn how to use them properly, let’s sail through this blog article together and find out more about the Future Unreal Conditional examples and forms. So that, you can differentiate them from the future real conditional like a grammar nazi from hereon.

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What is the Future Unreal Conditional Form?

As you have already gotten a brief overview above, the future conditional form of verbs is best fitted to express what might happen or what might be true in the future. However, this can be possible only if the subject meets a certain condition. You should further note that the structure of these conditionals is as follows:

[If/When + Clause, would/could/might + Verb]
For Example: If I had wings, I would fly to the top of Mount Everest.

In the above example, the “if” clause describes the unreal condition, whereas the “would” clause describes the action that might take place if the condition is met. 

Future Unreal Conditional Examples

Next, you should check some more future unreal conditional examples to observe and master the rules mentioned above like a professional:

  1. If I studied harder, I might pass the test.
  2. If we have time, we could go to the park.
  3. If you need help, I would be happy to assist you.
  4. If I win the lottery, I might buy a new house and car.
  5. If I had a day off from school next week, I would go to the zoo. 

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3 Different Forms of Future Unreal Conditional

However, no amount of future unreal conditional examples can help you with a clear concept, unless you are well aware of the different conditional forms. There are three forms of future unreal conditional in English grammar:

Form 1: [If… + Clause(Simple Past)…, …would/could/might + verb…]

It is important to note that this form closely resembles the Present Unreal Conditional. Let’s take a look at a few examples to comprehend its usage. 

Example of Form 1 Conditional
If I had more time, I would read more books.
If I could speak Spanish, I would travel to Mexico.
If I might win the lottery, I would donate some of the money to charity.

Form 2: [If… + were + Present Participle…, …would/could/might be + Present Participle…]

There are no such complications in the usage of form 2 of future unreal conditional, except that speakers have an inclining towards it over form 1. Let’s observe a few examples to comprehend its usage.

Example of Form 2 Conditional
If I were going to Rome next week, I would be learning Italian.
If I were going to be a doctor, I would study biology and chemistry in college.
If I were going to be a teacher, I would get a degree in education.

Form 3: [If + …were + going to + verb…, …would/could/might + verb…]

You must note that except for a slight change in the “if clause”, form 3 is very similar to form 2 of the conditional. Take a glance at the following examples and you will understand better. 

Example of Form 3 Conditional
If I were going to visit Paris next year, I would be eating croissants and drinking coffee every morning.
If I were going to move to Japan next year, I would be learning Japanese now.
If I were going to start a business next year, I would be writing a business plan now.

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Future Unreal Conditional Exercises

Now that you have learnt everything important regarding the conditional forms, it’s time to complete the following sentences with the correct form of the future unreal conditional:

  1. If I ____________ (have) more money, I would ____________ (travel) the world.
  2. If I ____________ (could) speak any language, I would ____________ (speak) Chinese.
  3. If I ____________ (might) have a superpower, I would ____________ (want) the power to fly.
  4. If I ____________ (were going to) be a doctor, I would ____________ (study) biology and chemistry in college.
  5. If I ____________ (were going to) be a lawyer, I would ____________ (study) law school after college.
  6. If I ____________ (were going to) be a teacher, I would ____________ (get) a degree in education.
  7. If I ____________ (were going to) visit Paris next year, I would ____________ (eat) croissants and ____________ (drink) coffee every morning.
  8. If I ____________ (were going to) move to Japan next year, I would ____________ (learn) Japanese now.
  9. If I ____________ (were going to) start a business next year, I would ____________ (write) a business plan now.
  10. If I ____________ (were going to) have a baby next year, I would ____________ (prepare) the nursery now.

Check your answers below: 

had, travel could, speak might, want were going to be, study were going to be, study were going to be, get were going to visit, eat, drink were going to move, learn were going to start, write were going to have, prepare

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This was all about the Future Unreal Conditional Example, rules and more. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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