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Preposition Class 2: Prepositions is a very necessary topic which is taught to every student as part of their English grammar. Prepositions are used in everyday sentences which make conversing with one another very important. If you wish to know more about prepositions and their types then continue reading the blog post below. Additionally, uncover several exercises for prepositions practise.

What are the Prepositions for Class 2?

Prepositions are the words that are used to indicate the relationship between nouns, pronouns, phrases or other parts of the sentence. Moreover, prepositions are used in the latter part of the sentence, but before a noun or pronoun.

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Usage of Prepositions

Prepositions are used to show some key characteristics and perform functions. Let’s uncover the characteristics briefly listed below:

🎯 Prepositions are used to indicate the direction of something.
🎯 Prepositions are used to refer to the time of something happening.
🎯 Prepositions are used to indicate the position or location of an object in the sentence.
🎯 Prepositions are used to represent spatial relationships and phrases are used to all of the above-mentioned usages.

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Types of Prepositions for Class 2

There are several types of prepositions which the student should know about. These prepositions can be differentiated into the following types:

Preposition of Time

Preposition of Time is a preposition which is used to indicate when an action takes place. Some of the most common prepositions of time include: ‘at’, ‘on’, and ‘in’.

Preposition of Place

The preposition of Place refers to where something and someone are located. They are usually placed before a noun or pronoun.

Preposition of Direction

They indicate the location of a noun (which could be a place, person or thing) about another noun. 

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Prepositions Examples for Class 2 

Below are some examples of the above-mentioned prepositions which will help you with your understanding. 

Preposition of Time Examples

  1. The school always finishes at 2 pm for primary students.
  2. My sister will be back by Thursday.
  3. He arrived at the farm after 6 pm.

Preposition of Place Examples

  1. The teacher’s staff room is down the hall.
  2. The Taj Mahal is a beautiful monument located in Agra.
  3. The woman walks up to the mountain to get food for her children.

Preposition of Direction Examples

  1. In the movie Animal, Ranbir Kapoor played a double role. 
  2. His sister’s head got injured after hitting the wall while running from her brother.
  3. The kids jumped into the swimming pool.

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Prepositions Worksheet for Class 2 [Download PDF]

Here is a worksheet on preposition class 2 which will help you in testing your knowledge on this topic. 

Prepositions WorksheetClick here to download

Practice with Prepositions for Class 2 Exercises

Here’s a small exercise on prepositions for Class 2 which will help you understand the concept:

Exercise 1: Use the following prepositions: in, on, and under in the following sentences.

  1. The crayon fell ______ the table.
  2. Shyam went _______ a sabbatical leave.
  3. The money was kept _____ the locker.
  4. The man climbed ________ the mango tree. 
  5. The doll was kept _______ the car’s dashboard.

Check Your Answers:

  1. On
  2. On
  3. In
  4. On
  5. On

Exercise 2: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition that you feel is correct.

  1. Alia is good ______ acting.
  2. She loves to travel ______ her brother.
  3. I won’t be available for the meeting _______ Thursday.
  4. The principal punished Suresh ________ the class.
  5. I go _______ the grocery store with my friends. 

Check Your Answers:

  1. At
  2. With
  3. On
  4. In
  5. To

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What are prepositions for class 2?

Prepositions are words that are used in a sentence to connect a pronoun or a noun to the rest of the sentence.

How to learn prepositions?

To learn prepositions, one needs to read more where they will be able to encounter more prepositions that they will recognise and remember. 

What should be kept in mind for prepositions?

Each preposition must have an object. The must be placed before a noun or a pronoun. The pronoun following the object should be in the object form.

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