Near Preposition Examples & Usage

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The preposition “near” commonly means nearness or closeness in distance. It means that something is close to or not far or too far from another thing. For instance, “The store is near to my building” means that the store is close to my building. It is utilised to represent the relationship between objects or places. In this blog post, we will take you through the meaning, types usage and more.  

Meaning of Near

In its simplest form, “near” denotes physical proximity, bringing to mind images of objects, places, or people close to each other. Whether it’s the park near your home, the warmth of a fireplace near which you cosy up on a chilly evening, or the thrill of standing near the edge of a breathtaking cliff, “near”.

What Type of Preposition is Near? 

The preposition “near” comes under the category of prepositions of place. Moreover, it means ‘not far away in distance’. Near and near indicate the same, but near is more familiar. For example:

My father loves to sit near the fire at night.

He comes from a small place near Mumbai.

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Usage of Near Preposition with Examples

There are multiple uses of “near” in a sentence. Some examples are demonstrated below: 

Physical Proximity

For example, “The grocery store is near my house.”

Emotional or Abstract Proximity

An example of emotional proximity is in a sentence, “He’s near achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a published author.”

Indicating Relative Position

For example, “The event will take place near the riverbank.”

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Near as an Adjective 

“Near” can also function as an adjective, describing something close or nearby. Here are some examples of “near” used as an adjective in sentences:

  1. “The near future looks promising for renewable energy technologies.”
  2. “We found a nice hotel in a near location to the beach.”
  3. “After a long hike, we finally reached the near summit of the mountain.”
  4. “The near side of the park is usually less crowded than the far side.”
  5. “The near neighbours have always been friendly and helpful.”

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Near Prepositions Examples

Here are some examples of how “near” can be used as a preposition in sentences:

  1. The park is near the school.
  2. She sat near the fireplace to keep warm.
  3. The grocery store is near our house.
  4. Please don’t stand near the edge of the cliff.
  5. The hotel is near the beach.
  6. Our table was near the window, so we had a nice view.
  7. The bus stop is near the library.
  8. He parked his car near the entrance.
  9. The restaurant is near the train station.
  10. Let’s meet near the fountain in the town square.

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Give an example of near. 

I placed the box near the entrance. 

What type of preposition is near? 

Near preposition comes under the category of prepositions of place. 

Which nine prepositions of time are there?

The following terms are used to indicate the time and date: before, after, afterwards, then, at, on, in, by, to, till, until, during, for, since, from, within, etc.

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