9+ Popular Kashmiri Proverbs for Students to Gain Wisdom

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Popular Kashmiri Proverbs

A popular Kashmiri proverb ‘One man cut the bund/barrage, and a thousand people fell into the river’ explains that the bad act of one person can have serious consequences for so many people. It provides the students a lesson not to make a mistake that can lead to problems for so many people or their families. The students along with gaining academic knowledge require some moral lessons that will help them become good people. Such proverbs are made out of the experiences gained by people facing different situations. In this blog, we will discuss the popular Kashmiri proverbs for students that will give them some new learnings for life.

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Popular Kashmiri proverbs for students are made out of their culture and language. The Kashmiri people are hospitable and want to hold their traditions to pass it to the next generation. One of the important parts of their identity is the Kashmiri language which is also known as Kosur. If the students want to get valuable knowledge then they must study these motivational sayings. It is important to implement the good things that you are learning from these proverbs in your life. Additionally, if the students follow them properly then they can become a good source of motivation for them. Here, is the list of popular Kashmiri proverbs for students with the explanation that are very much helpful to the students. 

List of Kashmiri ProverbsExplanation

Blood is thicker than water
The Kashmiri proverb explains that the relationships of blood are deeper than other relations. Connections and bonds that we build in our lives with others are not as strong as with family members.
The five fingers of the hand are not all equalAll the fingers in the hand have different sizes but all are of equal importance. Similarly, a person either weak, tall, short etc. all have equal importance.
The elephants couldn’t stand the wind, but the old woman went out.Considered one of the popular Kashmiri proverbs, it emphasises the importance of inner strength, determination, confidence and bravery which makes a weak person fight any situation. On the other hand, how strong you are you cannot fight if you don’t have the courage.
The brother is hard like a stone, the sister is soft like butter.Common among the Kashmiri diaspora, this proverb describes two distinctive personalities of brother and sister. Brothers are hard, strong and show lesser emotions. However, sisters are kind, gentle and sweet just as soft as butter.
If we don’t laugh, how will we live?The proverb emphasises the importance of laughter in the lives of people as without it life will become boring and sad.
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Students need to read the Kashmiri Proverbs to understand their culture and how they are useful to them. Kashmir is situated in the northern part of India known as heaven on earth. It has a rich heritage with diverse traditions and the natural beauty of its landscapes. They have old-age customs that are passed down to generations.  There are both positive and negative aspects of every culture that give some new learnings every time. These motivational sayings are made out of the occurrence of the events that happened in the past. Therefore, here are some of the popular Kashmiri proverbs for students that will provide you with some new learnings. 

The dogs bark but the caravan goes on

The barking of the dog does not affect the moving caravan as it continues in its direction. Similarly, whatever difficulties will come in the path of success the people should avoid it and keep moving forward. It is important to stay quiet when fools are speaking as their words are of no use to you. 

The dogs bark but the caravan goes on: Meaning

All days are not equal

The proverb suggests the idea that all days are not equal if there are bad days in life then good ones will also come. Some days will be productive and bring lots of success. However, some will be full of failures and challenges that will leave you exhausted. During the challenging days, there is some hope that keeps people going.

Popular Kashmiri Proverbs

Partridges alone can digest a stone

It is said that the partridges are the birds which are having the ability to digest the stones. Similarly, everyone has one unique skill in them through which they can achieve anything in life. If somebody has a will to achieve something big in their life then they can do it by using their inner abilities and strength.

Partridges alone can digest a stone

Something is better than nothing

The popular proverb which means that getting something is better than nothing in life. Sometimes in life, we get little of what we have desired but it is still better than not getting anything. Additionally, people should make small efforts towards them as they are better than making zero attempts.

Something is better than nothing: Meaning

Fire is hot, knowledge is superior

The proverbs emphasise the importance of knowledge in the life of people. It is superior to anything else as it empowers just like the fire lightens the whole atmosphere in the dark. Self-learning is so important for achieving success in life. Knowledge through experience remains forever and comes in use every time. Additionally, knowledge is as powerful as fire which can change the lives of people. 

Kashmiri proverb

A hundred friends in good times, not even one in bad times

The Kashmiri proverb about friendship and trust emphasizes that many people remain with you during the good times. However, no one will be there during the bad times there will only be the trustworthy ones. It is important to make friends that are faithful and be with you during the bad times. 

Popular Kashmiri Proverbs
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