9+ Between Preposition Examples, Meaning & Usage 

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Prepositions are a great way to incorporate into your English vocabulary. They help one to reconstruct sentences flexibly. Between prepositions are often used to define a location or a position between two things. If you wish to know more about between preposition examples then this is the blog for you. In this blog, you will get to read about between preposition examples which will help you give an idea.

What is Between Preposition?               

The Preposition “Between” can function as both a preposition and an adverb in English grammar. However, as a preposition, it has several meanings as well as uses. In literal terms, it means when something is in between. It has “between” is like a middleman for two things. It represents something that is:

  • In the middle of two other things:
    • Picture a sandwich. The stuffing is “between” the two slices of bread.
    • You can use “between” well when you say: “The bike was parked between a Porsche and a Lamborghini.”
  • Separated by two other things:
    • Consider about two mountains. The valley is “between” them.
    • Your sentence “The Indian flag has been noticed flying between other countries’ flags” is a suitable example.
  • Comparing two things:
    • They can use “between” to say how alike or different two things are.
    • For instance, “He could hardly see any difference between the branded shirt and a local shirt,” “between” indicates you’re comparing the two shirts.

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Common Between Preposition Examples

Here are some “between” preposition examples which will help you with a much better understanding. 

  1. I could hardly see any difference between the branded t-shirt and a local t-shirt.
  2. The child could be seen walking in between his mother and father.
  3. The car was parked between a Lamborghini and a Porche.
  4. The Indian flag could be seen flying between other countries’ flags.
  5. The boy stood crying between his two teachers.
  6. Shikha made a painting between the two walls.
  7. That magic trick was performed between the two doors.
  8. I stood stunned between the two captains.
  9. A small insect came out of between the holes.
  10.  He slept peacefully between his mother and father. 

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What are prepositions?

A preposition is a word or rather a group of phrases that are used before a noun, noun phrase or pronoun. Prepositions are used to show direction, location, time, place and spatial relation between an object. 

What is the use of a preposition?

Prepositions are used in sentences as connectors, relating one word to another within a sentence. They allow the speaker or the writer to express the link between different items.

Why are prepositions useful?

Prepositions help one with flexibility and fluidity of English sentence structure. They allow one to convey complex ideas. 

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