7+ Antonyms of Whisper with Meanings and Examples 

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Some common antonyms of whisper are shout, yell, roar, and bellow. The word whisper indicates a soft, hushed, or low-volume speech or sound. It involves speaking or producing sound in a quiet manner, to avoid being overheard or to maintain confidentiality. Let us understand its meaning, origin, antonyms, and its usage with examples in the article blog below.

Origin of Whisper

The word whisper is derived from the Old English word” hwisprian,” which signifies “to speak very softly” or “to speak in a low voice.”.

7+ Opposites of Whisper

Let’s take a look at the following opposites of whisper to expand your understanding of the word:

  • Shout
  • Yell
  • Roar
  • Bellow
  • Announce
  • Proclaim
  • Publicize
  • Declare
  • Exclaim
  • Broadcast

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Antonyms of Whisper Examples With Usage 

The term whisper is often objective and can vary depending on the context and perspective of the speaker.

Let us understand the following examples of using the antonyms of whisper in a sentence:

  • Shout: The baby shouts too loudly.
  • Yell: The teacher punished the boys for yelling in the class.
  • Roar: The hungry lion roared loudly in the jungle.
  • Bellow: My mother bellowed at me to open the door quickly.
  • Announce: The principal has announced the holiday for tomorrow.
  • Proclaim: The minister has proclaimed a new farmer law.
  • Publicize: He wanted to publicize his brand.
  • Declare: The minister has declared a holiday on the eve of Diwali.
  • Exclaim: He exclaimed that he would never talk to his brother.
  • Broadcast: The program was broadcast from Canada in India.

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Antonyms of Whisper Quiz 

1. Select the most appropriate antonym for the word whisper.

A Sigh

B Buzz

C Gossip

D Yell

Answer: Yell

2. Which word is not the opposite of the word whisper?

A Sigh

B Bellow

C  Roar

D  Declare

Answer: Sigh

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