15 Best Phrases for Analytical Paragraphs for Class 10 CBSE

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Phrases for analytical paragraphs: Did you know that strong analytical writing goes beyond just summarising information? This format was specifically introduced in the CBSE Class 10 syllabus of English so that students can hone their critical thinking skills and present well-reasoned arguments. However, crafting a high-scoring analytical paragraph or essay would be highly difficult without the usage of English phrases. So, this blog article will walk you through some of the best phrasal words for analytical writing you can use to improve your English language skills

What is Analytical Paragraph Writing?

As you already know, the analytical paragraphs are a new member of the CBSE English writing section family in grade 10. But why is it there? It is not just another hurdle to jump, or is it? Let us find out its importance and how analytical writing shapes a student’s critical thinking ability hereon –

  • Analytical paragraphs train you to go beyond surface-level understanding. You will learn to dissect information, identify patterns, and draw connections between various elements.
  • Constructing a strong analytical paragraph requires you to support your analysis with evidence and present well-reasoned arguments. This hones your ability to think critically and logically.
  • It also equips you with the skills to express complex ideas clearly and concisely. This skill set is invaluable not just in exams but also in future academic endeavours and beyond.

Why Phrases for Analytical Paragraphs are Important

Now the real question is what is the usage of phrases in analytical writing. Then, you should know that phrases serve as transitions, textual evidence introductions, and commentary starters in any analytical paragraph. To elaborate, they facilitate the seamless integration of literary analysis, ensuring clarity and coherence in your writing. 

Let’s take a look at the following analytical paragraph sample and you will know why phrases are important in forming not just these paragraphs, but any format in English writing. 

Phrases for analytical paragraph sample

List of 15 Best Phrases for Analytical Paragraphs

Last but not least, the following list of phrases for analytical paragraphs will definitely save your day when you want to impress your examiners with a compelling writing skill:

  1. In accordance with the text…
  2. Evidently, the author illustrates…
  3. This is evident from the passage where…
  4. The author employs the use of…
  5. Furthermore, the text conveys…
  6. It is clear from the narrative that…
  7. The passage underscores the theme of…
  8. This is exemplified by the character’s…
  9. Notably, the author emphasizes…
  10. Moreover, the text highlights…
  11. In contrast to this perspective…
  12. Additionally, the narrative explores…
  13. The passage resonates with the idea of…
  14. A key aspect of the text is…
  15. Consequently, the reader is prompted to…


What are the phrases used in the analytical paragraph? 

Some of the useful phrases used in an analytical paragraph are:-
1. Significant increase
2. Steady decline
3. Remarkable surge
4. Gradual shift
5. Sharp decrease

How do you start an analytical paragraph in English? 

You can start an analytical paragraph in English with an interesting fact or statistic related to your topic to pique the reader’s curiosity. 

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This was all about phrases for analytical paragraphs with examples and related information. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar

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