35+ Examples of Academic Phrases in English You Should Know

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Academic Phrases: Imagine you are writing a school report, not a text to your friend. Common words are fine, but there are a bunch of English phrases that make your writing sound more professional and clear. Academic phrases are an important element of academic writing. A theory is incomplete without them. These phrases help you communicate your thoughts and opinions clearly so your readers can effortlessly understand them. This blog post will discuss examples of academic phrases and their help in academic assignments.

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Academic Phrases for Essay Writing

Possibly it sounds a bit plain, or you want to make your arguments more powerful. That’s where academic phrases come up! These are amazing tools for essay writing that allow you to sound more skilled and get your ideas across clearly. Here are some phrases that will help you in your writing:

  • Furthermore
  • In order to
  • On the other hand
  • Contract
  • Having said that
  • Nonetheless
  • Similarly
  • As well as
  • Define
  • Explore
  • Identify
  • Evaluate
  • Provided that
  • To that end
  • This suggests that

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Academic Phrases For Research Paper

This paragraph will unlock the principle of academic phrases for your research paper. We will discover phrases for different parts of your paper, such as introducing your topic, describing what others have found, and guiding your research results. Below are some phrases that you can consider writing in your research paper:

  • Firstly, secondly, and third
  • Given; in light of; considering
  • According to X; X stated that; referring to the views of X
  • Moreover; furthermore; in addition; what’s more
  • In order to; to that end; to this end
  • In other words; to put it another way; that is; to put it more simply
  • Similarly; likewise; another key fact to remember; as well as; an equally significant aspect of
  • Conversely; however; alternatively; on the contrary; on the other hand; whereas

Academic Phrases Examples with Usage

Writing a research paper is like cooking a fancy feast. You have to have all the ingredients of your research, but how do you put it together in a way that is both tasty and impressive? That’s where academic phrases come in! Here are some of the academic phrases that students can include in their writing:

Presenting your topic

  • This paper aims to study…
  • The present research investigates…
  • A growing body of literature indicates…

Explaining What Others Have Found

  • Earlier studies have shown…
  • [Writer name] (year) claims that…
  • It is well-historical that…

Introducing Your Investigation

  • The results of this study urge…
  • This research contributes to our knowledge of… by…
  • A unique result appeared…

Linking Thoughts

  • Likewise…
  • In addition to…
  • Conversely…

Communicating Outcomes with Nuance

  • It seems that… (indicates a tentative conclusion)
  • There is evidence to indicate…
  • While the outcomes are inconclusive…

Creating Claims of Significance

  • This conclusion has important senses for…
  • It is important to think…
  • These results underline the necessity for additional research on…
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What is the Academic Phrase?

As mentioned above, academic phrases are an important element of academic writing. A theory is incomplete without them. These phrases help you communicate your thoughts and opinions clearly so your readers can effortlessly understand them.

How do you utilise academic Phrasebank?

One can search the academic phrasebank for writing themes and ideas by simply selecting a writing of text in MS Word and after that clicking the ‘Writing Ideas’ button. The tool will analyze the chosen text and fetch relevant types from the academic phrasebank.

What is an example of academic writing?

Some ordinary examples of academic writing are dissertations, grant submissions, abstracts, and analysis articles. Nevertheless, many early career researchers and researchers with English as a second language find themselves struggling with academic writing.

This was all about the academic phrase in English grammar. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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