Preposition of Manner Examples with Practise Exercises (Download PDF)

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The preposition of manner is used to connect nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs forming an entire sentence. The main use of prepositions is to form bridges and link words in a sentence. There are multiple types of prepositions such as prepositions of time, prepositions of place, and many more. For starters, we have explained the preposition of manner examples in the blog post below for easy learning.

Continue reading the blog post below to uncover more about prepositions of manner with examples.  

What are Prepositions of Manner? 

Prepositions of manner are used to describe how things are done or how they happen. It explains to us which way an action is being performed. Some most common prepositions of manner examples are: by, in, on and with.

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Preposition of Manner Examples with Meaning

Some common prepositions of manner are as, by, on, through, in, with etc. These prepositions are used interchangeably in different contexts and situations. Some of them even have multiple meanings. The table given below shows prepositions of manner with their meanings and suitable examples.

Prepositions of MannerMeaning of Prepositions Examples
InEmotion/behavior or specific meansShe works as a content writer. 
OnTo show a methodThey came here on a ship. 
AsExhibit an ability or capacityEmotion/behaviour or specific means
WithShe works as a content writer. I would rather live with her than Priya. Shiv lifted the weight with ease. 
Preposition of Manner

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10 Prepositions of Manner Examples

Examples help us understand concepts more efficiently and effortlessly. We have curated a few basic examples to make you understand the usage of prepositions of manner. Check the examples listed below: 

  1. With: She painted the picture with great care.
  2. In: He spoke in a confident manner.
  3. By: She solved the problem by thinking creatively.
  4. Through: He achieved success through hard work and determination.
  5. Like: She danced like a professional.
  6. With: He played the piano with finesse.
  7. In: They sang in harmony.
  8. With: She cooked the meal with skill.
  9. By: He finished the race by running steadily.
  10. In: They acted in a professional manner.

Preposition of Manner Exercises (Download PDF)

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What does the preposition “manner” mean?

The preposition of manner helps us describe how things are done. Another name for the preposition of manner is the preposition of styles. The prepositions on, by, with, like, and so forth make up the preposition of manners.

What is a Grade 5 preposition of manner?

Prepositions of manner explain the course of events or actions. They include details on the process used to act. Manner prepositions such “by,” “in,” “with,” “like,” and “as” are frequently used.

What are Prepositions? 

Prepositions are used to link verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs. 

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