Love at First Sight Meaning, Examples, and Synonyms

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Love At First Sight

Love at first sight, is a special feeling that some people experience when they meet someone new. It’s like magic because they instantly feel a strong and deep attraction to that person as soon as they see them. 

In this blog, we discuss this Idiom’s Meaning, example, and Synonyms and end with a Quiz. 

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Usage with Examples 

1. From the moment their eyes met across the crowded room, Sarah knew she had found her soulmate. It was love at the first sight.

2. In the bustling cafe, Alex accidentally spilled his coffee on a stranger, Emily. Their eyes met, and it was love in the first sight.

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In describing the captivating allure of love at first sight, here are some related phrases that resonate with the experience:

1. A moment of fate

2. Heartstruck connection

3. Instant soul resonance

4. Love’s swift embrace

5. Destiny’s touch

Love at First Sight Quiz

Complete the sentence to demonstrate the correct meaning –

Experiencing love at first sight, is like:

A. Feeling an immediate and profound connection with someone upon first meeting.

B. Gradually falling in love over time after getting to know someone.

C. Being infatuated with someone’s physical appearance without knowing them.

Ans. A. Feeling an immediate and profound connection with someone upon first meeting.

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