Noun for Class 4 Kids in English Grammar [Download PDF]

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Nouns for Class 4 Kids

Nouns for Class 4: Did you know that nouns may be the easiest stepping stone towards your journey from being a noob to a proficient grammar nazi. Still, you cannot choose to weigh it lightly, especially when these are a prominent member of the parts of speech family and a building block of almost every other grammatical tool. Not only this, nouns also play an important role in forming the English grammar syllabus of class 4 of any top education board in India. After all, mastering nouns will help you describe things, people, and places around you with precision. Therefore, this blog article compiles everything about nouns to help you get an edge over your classmates.  

What are Nouns for Class 4 Students?

Imagine exploring a treasure chest filled with amazing things. What do you find inside? Toys, animals, delicious snacks? These are all examples of nouns! In simpler terms, nouns are words that name people, places, things, or ideas. They are like little labels that help us identify and talk about everything in our world.

For example, think of your pet dog and his name. Whatever it is, like ‘Tuffy’, Buddy’, or ‘Luna’, all of these are nouns.

Types of Nouns for Class 4

Now, nouns for class 4 are not limited to a mere definition. You would be required to be thorough with the different types of nouns. In standard fourth, you need to master mainly five types, that is –

  1. Proper Nouns

These are like VIP nouns, always starting with a capital letter. So, they name only unique persons, places like your school (Sunshine Elementary), or your favourite superhero (Iron Man). 

  1. Common Nouns

Unlike proper nouns, these are your everyday heroes. Thus, they name general or many things of the same kind. For example, cat (animal), grapes (fruits), happiness (feelings), etc. 

  1. Collective Nouns

Imagine a bunch of bees buzzing around. That is a collective noun. It names a group of things as a whole, like ‘flock’ for birds or ‘team’ for players. 

  1. Abstract Nouns

These nouns denote things you can not touch, but you can definitely feel them. They name ideas and feelings like love, courage, or freedom. 

  1. Material Nouns

Ever wondered what your toy car is made of? That is where material nouns come in. They tell us the stuff things are made of, like wood, plastic, or even chocolate. 

Download Noun for Class 4 PDF for Easy Learning

Nouns Exercises for Class 4 kids

Ready to test your knowledge of nouns? Then try your hands at the following exercises with all your might. 

Exercise 1- Circle and Identify the Nouns

Instructions: Circle the noun in the following sentences and identify the type of noun.

  1. The cheerful children raced across the green field, chasing a playful butterfly.
  2. 2. The tall ship sailed across the sparkling ocean, heading towards a mysterious island.
  3. 3. The fragrant flowers in the garden attracted a busy bee collecting sweet nectar.
  4. 4. During the exciting basketball game, the determined players dribbled and passed the orange ball with skill.
  5. 5. The curious cat climbed a tall tree, searching for a feathery bird singing a beautiful song.

Exercise 2- Match the Nouns

Column AColumn B
Eiffel TowerCommon 

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This was all about nouns for Class 4 in English. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs. 

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