Top 10 Idioms for “Great” You Should Know!

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Idioms are phrases or sentences that have meanings beyond the simple dictionary definitions of the words they include. Since they typically have cultural or historical significance, you could have trouble understanding them if you try to take them word for word. Instead, context and ordinary usage are used to decipher their meanings. Here are 10 idioms that convey the idea of greatness, along with their meanings and examples:

The Bee’s Knees

The idiom the bee’s knee’s can be referred to as something which is excellent or outstanding.

Example: “Her performance in the play was simply the bee’s knees.”

The Cream of the Crop

The cream of the crop is referred to as the best of a group or category.

Example: “Only the cream of the crop made it to the final round of the competition.”

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A Cut Above the Rest

The idiom ‘cut above the rest’ can describe something or someone as superior or better than the others.

Example: “His culinary skills were a cut above the rest, making him the top chef in town.”

In a League of One’s Own

Indicates being unrivalled or superior.

Example: “Her dedication to her craft put her in a league of her own among her peers.”

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Second to None

The second to none idiom signifies that something is the best and cannot be surpassed.

Example: “The quality of their customer service is second to none in the industry.”

Stand Head and Shoulders Above

Stand head and shoulders above idiom means being significantly better or more advanced.

Example: “Her innovative approach to problem-solving allowed her to stand head and shoulders above her colleagues.”

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Out of This World

The idiom ‘out of this world’ refers to something exceptionally good or impressive.

Example: “The view from the mountaintop was out of this world.”

Have the World at One’s Feet

The idiom ‘have the world at one’s feet’ suggests that someone has the potential for great success or influence.

Example: “After winning the championship, he seemed to have the world at his feet.”

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Rise Above the Crowd

The idiom ‘rise above the crowd’ means to surpass others and stand out.

Example: “Her ability to stay focused helped her rise above the crowd and achieve her goals.

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