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The idiom “Die Hard” meaning is to be committed or fiercely/ fanatically determined. A diehard is someone who is adamant about holding onto their beliefs despite all evidence to the contrary. When the only Republican in your family is your cousin, you can refer to him as a Republican diehard.

Even in adversity, a diehard will maintain her ideals, beliefs, or viewpoints. If you insist on using the same Thanksgiving dinner recipes that your grandmother always prepared, you can be considered a diehard, especially if your siblings keep pressuring you to include new foods on the menu. The term “diehard” first appeared in the 19th century to describe a hardy soldier in a particular British Army unit.

Usage with Example

The meaning of die-hard is “When a belief or behaviour “dies hard,” it takes a long time for it to do so and is not simply abandoned”. A few examples of the idiom “Die-Hard” are:

  • Old Shallot has a lot of die-hard enemies and grudges.
  • They established a location in the most prestigious area of the city. The situation was favourable, but die-hard.
  • No matter how much parents work to instil in their kids a feeling of responsibility, childhood habits are hard to break.
  • He is going to die-hard, they’ll now put an end to him
  • He then returned to play a police officer in both Die Hard sequels.

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Die Hard Synonyms

Given below are the synonyms of the idiom “Die Hard”

  • reactionary 
  • fanatic 
  • zealot 
  • intransigent 
  • stick-in-the-mud (informal) 
  • old fogey 

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Die Hard Quiz

Rural area people are a die-hard 

  • Follower of old beliefs
  • Fan of AI
  • Theist 

Answer: Follower of old beliefs

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