Top 10 Idioms for Help You Should Know!

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Idioms are used to convey a figurative meaning that is different from the literal interpretation of the words. They add colour and depth to language, making communication more engaging and expressive. 

With the help of the appropriate examples below, readers may investigate the various idioms and their meanings.

Here are 7 idioms related to “help,” along with their meanings and examples.

Give a Hand

Meaning: To help or assist someone.

Example: “Could you give me a hand with moving this heavy table?”

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Give Someone a Leg Up

Meaning: It means to help someone get ahead in life, by supporting them achieve success.

Example: Can someone give me a leg up?

Pitch In

Meaning: To contribute or help with a task.

Example: “Let’s all pitch in to clean up after the party.”

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Lend a Helping Hand

Meaning: To provide assistance or support.

Example: “The community always comes together to lend a helping hand during times of need.”

In a Pinch

Meaning: To help out when needed urgently.

Example: “I can count on my friend to provide a solution in a pinch.”

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Here are two more idioms for help which will help you learn.

Idioms for Help

Come to the Rescue

Meaning: To save or help in a difficult situation.

Example: “The firefighters came to the rescue when the building caught fire.”

Hold Someone’s Hand

Meaning: To guide or assist someone step by step.

Example: “The teacher held the student’s hand as they learned to solve the complex math problem.”

A Shoulder to Cry On

Meaning: Someone who provides emotional support in times of distress.

Example: “After her breakup, she needed a shoulder to cry on.”

In the Nick of Time

Meaning: Just in time, right before something bad could happen.

Example: “The ambulance arrived in the nick of time to save the accident victim.”

Bail Someone Out

Meaning: To help someone out of a difficult situation, often financially.

Example: “His friend bailed him out when he couldn’t pay his rent this month.”

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