List of French Adverbs with English Translation

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List of French Adverbs: Have you ever wondered what our communication would look like without the flavour of adverbs? These are a crucial part of any sentence formation when adding extra detail about any action. This predominance transcends the boundaries of language. Be it English or the French language, the usage of adverbs and adverbial phrases always comes in handy to strengthen descriptions within a communication. However, to stroll down the Champs-Élysées and charm everyone with your flawless French, you must enrich your French vocabulary, especially with adverbs. 

Therefore, this blog will walk you through the list of French adverbs with their English translation you can master to improve your French speaking and writing skills.  

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What are French Adverbs?

Similar to their English counterparts, French adverbs also act as modifiers in the process of adding details about verbs, adjectives, or sometimes other adverbs. They answer questions like how, when, where, and why, for example, Elle parle lentement (She speaks slowly). 

Take a look at some more examples below and observe the usage of French adverbs:

C’est une journée magnifique (It’s a wonderful day).

Je viens souvent ici (I come here often).

Origin of French Adverbs

11+ List of French Adverbs with English Translation

Now, let us observe the following list of French adverbs, along with their meaning in English to master the usage of each type of adverb depending on the situation.

List of French Adverbs for Manner

The adverb of manner specifies details regarding ‘how’ an action has been or will be performed. Here are some French adverb examples you can use to describe the manner of any occurrence in a sentence:

French AdverbPronunciationEnglish Translation
difficilementdee-fee-see-luh-mahnwith difficulty

List of French Adverbs for Time

Just like in English, the adverb of time in the French language answers ‘when’ an action will take place. Here are some examples you can use to refer to the timing within a sentence formation:

French AdverbPronunciationEnglish Translation

List of French Adverbs for Place

When you are required to mention ‘where’ a particular action is going to or took place; you would use the adverb of place in French like the one tabulated below:

French AdverbPronunciationEnglish Translation

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French Adverb Exercise

Instructions: Choose the answer that best translates the underlined adverb in the French sentence.

1. Il travaille toujours le weekend.

a) rarely

b) always

c) sometimes

d) quickly

2. Elle parle lentement pour que je comprenne.

a) loudly

b) slowly

c) clearly

d) easily

3. Demain, nous allons ailleurs pour un pique-nique.

a) here

b) there

c) elsewhere

d) everywhere

4. J’ai beaucoup de devoirs à faire ce soir.

a) rarely

b) a little

c) a lot

d) quickly

5. Heureusement, il ne pleut pas aujourd’hui.

a) unfortunately

b) fortunately

c) always

d) rarely

6. Habituellement, je me réveille tôt le matin.

a) late

b) rarely

c) early

d) sometimes

7.  Parfois, je vais au cinéma avec mes amis.

a) always

b) sometimes

c) never

d) quickly

8.  N’allez pas là-bas, c’est dangereux !

a) here

b) there

c) everywhere

d) nowhere

9. Il a répondu à la question facilement.

a) with difficulty

b) easily

c) rarely

d) quickly

10. Elle chante magnifiquement !

a) badly

b) rarely

c) beautifully

d) sometimes

Answer Key:

  1. (b)
  2. (b)
  3. (c)
  4. (c)
  5. (b)
  6. (c)
  7. (b)
  8. (b)
  9. (b)
  10. (c)

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This was all about the list of French adverbs with English translations and examples. Hopefully, you found it excitingly helpful and informative. For more such informative reads, stay tuned to Leverage Edu!

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