Idioms for Teachers: Top 8 Idioms for Teachers That You Should Know!

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idioms for teachers

Idioms for Teachers: “Idioms” can be used to add flair to one’s language and easily express one’s feelings or expression. However, idioms can vary in usage and meaning based on context, so it’s important to understand the situation before using them. We have listed below idioms for teachers for your reference. Let’s discover!

Teacher’s Pet

Meaning: Refers to a student who is favored by the teacher and receives special attention or privileges.

Example: “Samantha is always the first one to volunteer in class; she’s definitely the teacher’s pet.”

Old School

Meaning: To have traditional or conservative teaching methods.

Example: “Mr. Johnson’s teaching style is a bit old school, but his students still respect him.”

Read Between the Lines

Meaning: To understand a deeper or hidden meaning in what someone is saying or writing.

Example: “The teacher’s feedback was vague, but if you read between the lines, it’s clear she wasn’t impressed with the essay.”

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Pass with Flying Colors

Meaning: To achieve a very high score or perform exceptionally well on a test or assignment.

Example: “Thanks to his dedicated studying, Mark passed the math exam with flying colors.”

Learn the Ropes

Meaning: To become familiar with the basics or essentials of a subject or situation.

Example: “As a new student, it took me a while to learn the ropes of the school’s schedule.”

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Teaching Moment

Meaning: An opportunity to impart knowledge, guidance, or a life lesson to a student.

Example: “When Sarah asked about climate change, the teacher saw it as a teaching moment and engaged the whole class in a discussion.”

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Practice What You Preach

Meaning: To follow the advice or principles that you teach to others.

Example: “The teacher always told us to be punctual, and he made sure to practice what he preached by arriving early to class.”

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In the Hot Seat

Meaning: Being in a position where one is being questioned or scrutinized closely.

Example: “During the presentation, Jane found herself in the hot seat as the audience asked her challenging questions.”

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