Top 10 Idioms for Angry You Should Know!

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Learning and exploring different phrases to express your thoughts and feelings is essential. This practice will help to enhance your English speaking skills and abilities. Moreover, idioms are mainly used to express someone’s feelings or viewpoints in a particular situation. 

The idioms one can use to express feelings of anger are mentioned below with their meaning and examples briefly below. Let’s explore! 

Blow a Fuse

Meaning: To become extremely angry or lose one’s temper suddenly.

Example: When John found out his project had been canceled, he blew a fuse and started yelling at his colleagues.

Fly off the Handle

Meaning: To become very angry and lose control of one’s emotions.

Example: She flew off the handle when she saw the mess in the kitchen that her roommate had left behind.

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See Red

Meaning: To become intensely angry.

Example: Whenever someone insults his favorite team, he sees red and starts arguing with them.

Hit the Roof/Ceiling

Meaning: To become extremely angry, often to the point of shouting or yelling.

Example: When his son dented the car, his dad hit the roof and scolded him for not being careful.

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Bite Someone’s Head Off

Meaning: To respond to someone with extreme anger and aggression.

Example: She was so stressed from work that she bit my head off when I asked her a simple question.

On the Warpath

Meaning: To be in an angry or aggressive mood, often seeking confrontation.

Example: The boss was on the warpath after discovering the budget overruns in the project.

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Hot Under the Collar

Meaning: To feel or show visible signs of anger or irritation.

Example: He gets hot under the collar whenever someone questions his decisions.

In a Towering Rage

Meaning: Extremely angry and possibly uncontrollable.

Example: After discovering the broken vase, she was in a towering rage and demanded to know who was responsible.

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Spit Nails

Meaning: To be extremely angry, often to the point of wanting to retaliate.

Example: When he heard about the rumor being spread about him, he was spitting nails and wanted to confront the person responsible.

Chew the Scenery

Meaning: To express anger or frustration in a dramatic or exaggerated manner.

Example: During the meeting, he chewed the scenery and complained loudly about the lack of progress.

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