To Fly Off the Handle Meaning, Usage With Example

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To fly off the handle

The idiom ‘to fly off the handle’ meaning is to suddenly become angry or lose your temper in an uncontrolled or explosive way. When the term ‘fly off the handle’ is used in a sentence, it means someone is reacting to a situation with an outburst of anger, that might be excessive or irrational.

This phase is mostly used to describe a person who is enraged or loses their temper in a sudden and unpredictable manner. This refers that the person has reached his or her boiling point of emotions and is about to react in an explosive way.

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Usage With Example

The idiom ‘to fly off the handle’ can be used in different ways and situations. Before using this phrase, you need to understand where this idiom fits appropriately. Here are some examples of this idiom that will help you in understanding how to use this phrase appropriately.

  • ‘Every time when she’s criticized at work, she tends to fly off the handle and starts arguing with her co-workers.’
  • ‘Don’t talk about politicians around her; she’s known to fly off the handle and get into heated arguments.’
  • ‘It’s very important to remain calm during a negotiation, or else you might fly off the handle and ruin the deal.’
  • ‘He flew off the hand when the cashier made a mistake in returning the money, causing a scene at the grocery store.’

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To Fly Off the Handle Meaning Synonyms and Similar Words

The phrase ‘To fly off the handle’ has a lot of synonyms and similar words that can be used in different scenarios and situations. Some of the similar words to this idiom are listed below:

  • To lose one’s temper
  • become very angry
  • Fly into a rage
  • Go berzerk
  • Breathe fire

To Fly Off the Handle Meaning Quiz

Shruti is usually cool-tempered, but she can easily fly off the handle when

  1. Someone insults her
  2. Someone makes her feel happy
  3. Someone calls her

Ans. Someone insults her 

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This was all about the idiom to fly off the handle meaning with examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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