What is the Adverb for Quality: Meaning, Pictures & Examples

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adverb quality

Adverb for Quality: The word ‘quality’ refers to the standard of something as compared to something else of a similar kind. It also means the characteristic features of someone or something. Some common synonyms of ‘quality’ are excellence, goodness, virtue, rank, etc. We have compiled a blog on adverbs for quality that will help you with all the information on this topic. Keep reading.

What is the Type of Adverb Quality?

The adverb ‘quality’ means that there is a set standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind. For example, The quality of her life has improved ever since she left her job. The adverb ‘quality’ comes under the category of Adverb of Degree

Here, the word ‘quality’ denotes the quality of something, which could either be bad or good. Another example of this word can be, ‘These are goods of high quality.

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9+ Synonyms of Adverb Quality

Check out the list of synonyms for the word ‘quality’ which you can use if you are thinking of expanding your vocabulary in English. Here are more similar words that can be used in place of this word. 

  • Standard
  • Character
  • Class
  • Value
  • Rank
  • Calibre
  • Classification
  • Superiority
  • Fine
  • Excellence
  • Finesse
  • Worth
  • Skill

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Picture for Adverb Quality

If you are looking for a picture of an adverb of quality then you can download this picture and keep it for future reference. 

Examples of Quality as Adverb

Let us look into how the word ‘quality’ can be used in sentences. Look at the following sentences to get an idea of the same.

  • People should always choose quality over quantity.
  • The bead is of high quality.
  • The company is successful as it offers quality service.
  • A healthy lifestyle leads to a quality life.
  • Her quality of work has improved over time. 

Adverb Quiz

Now, you will have all the information on the adverb of ‘quality’. Here is a small quiz on it which will help you test your knowledge. 

  1. Pick the correct synonyms of the word ‘quality’ from the options given below:
  1. Goodness
  2. Fault
  3. Virtue
  4. Mediocrity

      2.  The shopkeeper prefers ______ over quantity of his products.

  1. Fault
  2. Mediocrity
  3. Quality

Check Your Answers!

  1. Goodness, Virtue
  2. Quality

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This was all about the Adverb Quality, its meanings, and examples. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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