Be In A Tight Corner Idiom Meaning, Examples, and Synonyms

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Be In A Tight Corner

The meaning of the idiom “be in a tight corner” is to be in a severely difficult situation. When someone uses this phrase, it signifies that they are in an extremely difficult situation and it is almost impossible for them to escape the situation. They might have limited options that aid them in overcoming the messy situation. When you are in a tight situation, you feel bound and helpless because you cannot find the way out of that critically messy situation. Thus, to overcome complicated situations one must possess decision-making and problem-solving skills. 

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Usage with Examples

This idiom is best for daily life and also in the corporate sector to describe someone’s position in life. When you see someone tackling a messy situation but they are unable to do so, then, you can use this idiomatic expression to explain their situation. 

Given below are some examples of this idiomatic expression:

  • Police encountered her only brother in a faulty murder case, letting her be in a tight corner.
  • Getting short of money in the middle of the month gets him into a tight corner. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words of the Given Idiom

Mentioned below are some of the synonyms and similar phrases of this idiom:

  • Be in a bind
  • Difficulty
  • Be in a sticky situation
  • Embarrassment
  • Be in a mess
  • Stuck on a problem
  • Be in dire straits
  • Predicament
  • Be in a fix
  • Perplexity

Be In A Tight Corner Meaning Quiz

What does being in a toxic relationship feel like? Choose a perfect idiom for this situation from the following options:

  1. Be in Seventh heaven
  2. Over the moon
  3. Once in a blue moon
  4. Be in a tight corner

Ans: d. Be in a tight corner.

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