Prime the Pump Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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prime the pump meaning

The meaning of the idiom prime the pump is to increase the growth of something by supplying it with money. In economic terms, to prime the pump implies accelerating expansion by seeding an endeavour or industry with money.

This is typically something a government undertakes in times of economic slump to boost business. The government may stimulate the economy by providing tax breaks, lower interest rates, or outright handouts.

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Usage with Examples

The phrase “prime the pump” has been used as an economic term since at least the 1930s, when government economic stimulation was required. Many farms still relied on hand-pumped well water in the 1930s. Most people knew the notion of priming a pump with water to create suction, allowing water to be taken out of the ground.

Mentioned below are the examples of the idiom prime the pump:

  • Neha tried to prime the pump by offering some new issues for discussion.
  • The trust is developing a range of pump-priming schemes.
  • Much good came of that small, pump-priming grant.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Prime the Pump

Mentioned below are the synonyms and similar words to prime the pump-

  • Finance
  • Capitalise
  • Put up money
  • Provide funds
  • Make contribution

Prime the Pump Meaning Quiz

Any government trying to borrow more to prime the pump merely makes investors, businesses and consumers even more nervous. What does prime the pump mean here?

  • Money supply
  • Growth
  • Bankruptcy

Ans. Money supply

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