17+ Antonyms of Wisdom, Meaning and Examples

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The word Wisdom is often described as beyond mere intelligence or knowledge; it incorporates a deep understanding of human nature, empathy, and a long-term perspective. Some common antonyms of wisdom are ignorance, stupidity, rashness, folly, imprudence, and foolishness.

Meaning of Wisdom

Wisdom generally refers to the ability to make sound judgments and decisions based on knowledge, experience, and good understanding. It involves the application of knowledge and insights to navigate complex situations, solve problems, and make choices that lead to positive outcomes.

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Antonyms of Wisdom

Here’s a concise list of antonyms for “wisdom”:

  1. Ignorance
  2. Foolishness
  3. Imprudence
  4. Rashness
  5. Folly
  6. Ineptitude
  7. Foolhardiness
  8. Stupidity
  9. Nescience
  10. Injudiciousness
  11. Unwisdom
  12. Recklessness
  13. Brashness
  14. Silliness
  15. Thoughtlessness
  16. Inexperience
  17. Shortsightedness
  18. Foolhardy
  19. Unsoundness
  20. Misjudgment

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Usage with Examples

Here are some suitable examples of antonyms of wisdom mentioned in the list given below:

  • “His decision to ignore the advice showed a level of ignorance about the potential consequences.”
  • “The plan seemed to be based more on foolishness than careful consideration.”
  • “The young entrepreneur’s imprudence in financial matters led to significant losses.”
  • “Acting without thinking is a sign of rashness rather than wisdom.”
  • “The project collapsed due to the sheer folly of the decisions made by the leadership.”
  • “The manager’s ineptitude in handling the crisis only made the situation worse.”
  • “Embarking on such a risky venture without proper planning is sheer foolhardiness.”

Antonyms of Wisdom Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of wisdom from the options given below:

  • Shame
  • Scandal
  • Folly

Answer: Folly

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