13+ Famous Proverbs Starting with Letter E in English

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Proverbs starting with letter E: Every letter has its importance in any sentence, phrase, or proverb, but the first letter always catches our attention effortlessly. So, in the blog, we will discuss some of the famous English proverbs beginning with E. After all, The proverbs are the past sayings made by the experiences gained by some great people. They exist in several languages coming from different cultures and languages, showing the truth that is based on experiences. Additionally, the proverbs are the folks of truth, wisdom, and traditional views that were passed from generation to generation in the English language. 

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5 Famous Proverbs Starting with Letter E and Their Meaning

Proverbs gives us valuable lessons for life that motivate us to do good things in life. They are the sayings that come in the form of advice and have some unique way of presentation. The words of wisdom that hold truths in themselves and correctly fit into a sentence. Every culture has its unique proverbs in their languages representing their culture but all are made from experiences and the learnings of life. So, here are five proverbs starting with the letter E giving some valuable lessons of life.

Proverbs that Starts with EExplanation
Experience is the father of wisdom.The proverb explains the importance of experience in life. It tells us that more experience helps us make the best life decisions.
Empty vessels make the most noise.The people who have less knowledge talk more and boast about things. However, people having a high knowledge of things often keep themselves quiet.
Enough is as good as a feast.The proverbs give a valuable lesson that having a fair amount of things is always better than having excess. Excess of anything is not good in life. Always have what is needed.
Every cloud has a silver lining.In every bad situation, there is always some hope that keeps you going. There is always a hopeful aspect in every difficult phase.
Every man is the architect of his own fortune.The proverb implies that each person on their own is responsible for the successes and failures in their life. The person who works hard achieves success in life.

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7+ Timeless Proverbs Starting with Letter E in English

Some proverbs are easier to understand, but some have something unique that is harder to relate to. Thus, here we have discussed some of the proverbs starting with the letter E along with their explanations.

Every Rose has its Thorn.

The famous proverb starting with the letter E gives an important lesson that every positive thing has something negative in it. It is just like how a beautiful rose has sharp thorns attached to it that cause pain if you touch it. If something is attractive it must have a danger associated with it. The proverbs showcase to us the reality of life that everything has some drawbacks if you want to live in a big city you have to pay high costs which will come along with crowded places.

Proverbs Starting with Letter E

Every Man Thinks His Own Geese Swans.

The people appreciate more about their possessions. They overestimate the importance of their achievements and children. It is a worldly truth that people rate their things more highly than others. Such as they used to boast about the grades of their children in front of others.

Proverbs Starting with Letter E

Even Doubtful Accusations Leave a Stain Behind Them.

The fake accusation that is proven to be wrong still leaves a stain behind. If you have faced any false accusations in the past it must affect you both mentally leading to depressing times. In recent times, the world of media is advancing so the news spreads very fast. The doubtful accusations affect the reputation of the famous person leaving a mark for life.

Proverbs Starting with Letter E

Even if You Wear Gold Lame or Damask, You’ll still be the same Acanthus-monger.

The proverb has a deep meaning that gives a powerful lesson to the audience. It explains that whether you wear gold jewellery, good clothes, or luxurious items it does not hide the bad things you have done in the past. Proverbs give us a lesson to focus on inner qualities and behaviours. A person cannot hide whatever bad deeds they have done previously.

Even if You Wear Gold Lame or Damask, You'll still be the same Acanthus-monger.

Even Foul Water will Quench Fire.

The proverb here implies that dirty water can also be used to extinguish the fire just as clean water. It means that even an unpleasant solution can solve the problem. The proverbs talk about taking action at the right time even if it is not necessary to avoid the problem in the future. Additionally, it tells us that sometimes in life we have to make some hard decisions to achieve something better in life. 

Proverbs starting with E

Even the Goats will Jump on a Slanted Tree.

The proverb “Even the goats will jump on a slanted tree” explains that people usually choose the path that is easy to reach the goal even if it is not the best. It says that the easy option looks easier to get but they are not the most beneficial option to choose.

Even the Goats will Jump on a Slanted Tree.

Even the Lion must Defend Himself against the Flies.

The proverbs explain that the lion who is considered to be the king of the jungle has some weaknesses as it cannot defend itself against small flies. Hence, everyone no matter how powerful they are must have some weakness. It gives the idea that you never ignore your small problems as they will someday cause big trouble.

Proverbs starting with E

Every Elephant has to Carry its own Trunk Around.

The English proverb starting with the letter E gives an important message to the audience through the example of an elephant. Just as the elephant has to carry its own trunk around we have to carry our problems with us. We cannot put our problems to others as we are the ones who have to deal with them. 

Every Elephant has to Carry its own Trunk Around.
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This was all about the famous English proverbs starting with the letter E. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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