11+ Antonyms of Reward, Meaning and Examples 

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Rewards are provided to others in recognition of one’s particular service, effort or achievement. However, they can be given in various forms such as money, gifts, recognition, promotions, or any other form of compensation or benefit. Some common antonyms of the word reward are punishment, penalty, sanction, rebuke etc.

Meaning of Reward

A “reward” is something given or received in return for a particular action, behaviour, achievement, or service. It is typically provided to recognize and encourage positive actions or results.

The purpose of a reward is to motivate and reinforce desired behaviour or outcomes, making it more likely that the individual will continue to perform the same actions or achieve similar results in the future. Thus, making them reward worthy.

Antonyms of Reward

The antonyms of the reward represent the opposite concept often involving consequences, penalties, lack of recognition etc. List of some antonyms of rewards s given below.

  1. Punishment
  2. Penalty
  3. Consequence
  4. Sanction
  5. Reproach
  6. Reprimand
  7. Rebuke
  8. Disincentive
  9. Disapproval
  10. Condemnation
  11. Blame
  12. Detriment
  13. Forfeiture
  14. Loss
  15. Cost

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Usage with Examples

Here are some examples using antonyms of reward for your reference below:

  • She tried to shift the blame onto others, but her mistakes were evident.
  • The board members voiced their disapproval of the proposed budget.
  • The manager gave a reprimand to the employee for not following company policies.
  • His behavior was met with reproach from his family.
  • The consequence of not wearing a seatbelt can be a fine.

Antonyms of Reward Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of reward from the options given below:

  • Penalty
  • Wishes
  • Fullfilment

Answer: Penalty

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