14+ Antonyms of Prohibit, Meaning and Examples

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Some common examples of prohibit are allow, permit, authorize, grant, approve etc. The word often is associated with legal or authoritative restrictions intended to maintain order, safety, or compliance with established norms or regulations.

Meaning of Prohibit

To “prohibit” means to formally forbid or prevent something by law, rule, or order. It involves the act of officially or legally prohibiting, restricting, or disallowing certain actions, behaviors, or items. Prohibiting implies a clear directive that something is not allowed or permitted, and there may be consequences for disregarding the prohibition.

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Antonyms of Prohibit

Here is a list of antonyms for “prohibit”:

  1. Allow
  2. Permit
  3. Authorize
  4. Enable
  5. Sanction
  6. Approve
  7. Encourage
  8. Allow for
  9. Grant
  10. Facilitate
  11. Legalize
  12. Freedom
  13. Support
  14. Embrace
  15. Clear
  16. Entitle
  17. License
  18. Consent
  19. Admit
  20. Enable
  21. Embrace
  22. Ratify
  23. Accept
  24. Condone
  25. Approve of

Usage with Examples

Here are some common examples of antonyms of prohibit:

  • The new policy will allow employees to bring their own devices to work.
  • The city council decided to permit outdoor events in the park during the summer months.
  • Only authorized personnel are allowed to access the classified information.
  • The software update will enable users to access new features.
  • The government decided to sanction the construction of the new bridge.
  • The supervisor will approve the project proposal if it meets the required criteria.
  • The school aims to encourage students to explore creative pursuits.

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Antonyms of Prohibit Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of prohibit quiz from the options given below:

  • Ephemeral
  • Allow
  • Prohibit

Answer: Prohibit

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