Live and Learn Meaning Meaning, Example, Synonyms

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The Idiom Live and Learn meaning is that you learn from your mistakes and then grow.

It is typically used in a situation where someone is not aware of something until he/she observes its consequences. It is an encouragement to learn through one’s own experience, commonly used to convey a moral lesson following adversity. Experience can teach you a lot. 

George Gascoigne first said this idiom in the play Glass of Government in the sixteenth century, and it has been repeated several times and in numerous languages since then.

Usage with example

A few examples of this phrase are:

  • I had no idea it works automatically. Oh well, you live and learn!
  • I thought I could trust him with my secrets, but she betrayed me. Oh well, you live and learn.
  • Ritika got those pants at a very cheap price and the quality is very bad Live and Learn.
  • We thought the food would be good in the nearby restaurant but it turned out to be too bad to eat. We live and learn.

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Live and Learn Synonyms

Synonyms for the idiom Live and Learn are:

  • Learn from experience
  • Learning never stops
  • Profit from experience
  • Acknowledge a new experience
  • Don’t give up

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Live and Learn Quiz

I was trying to make it more colourful but ______. Live and Learn

  • Turned out to be a mess.
  • He asked me not to.
  • It was ok to go.

Answer: It turned out to be a mess.

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