11+ Antonyms of Increase with Examples and Usage

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Synonyms and antonyms help to build a robust vocabulary and help to enhance one’s overall language proficiency. So, let us understand the antonyms of the increase to gain proficiency in the English language. Antonyms for the increase are decrease, reduce, lessen, and lower.

Origin And Meaning Of Word Increase

The term “increase” is derived from the Latin word “increscere which means “to grow upon, grow over, swell, or grow into. The word increase is used to become progressively greater or to multiply by the production of young.

Antonyms of Increase

Let us dive deeper to learn the opposites of the word increase. They are as follows:

  1. Reduce
  2. Lessen
  3. Decrease
  4. Lower
  5. Shorten
  6. Contract
  7. Condense
  8. Abate
  9. Curtail
  10. Minify
  11. Diminish
  12. Compress

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Antonyms of Increase Examples With Usage

Some examples of antonyms of increase that can be used in a sentence are as follows:

  • Reduce: I want to reduce my weight.
  • Lessen: Doctors gave me an injection to lessen my pain.
  • Decrease: The number of deaths is decreasing after advancement in the field of medicine.
  • Lower: Siya needs to lower her cholesterol.
  • Shorten: Smoking can shorten your life.
  • Contract: Rohan has backed out from his contract.
  • Condense: Please try to condense the length of your article.
  • Abate: I hope this medicine will abate my stomach ache.

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Antonyms of Increase Quiz

1. Which of the following is the opposite of increase?

a. Abridge

b. Expand

c. Strengthen

d. Enlarge

Answer Abridge

2. Which option is not the opposite of the word increase?

  1. Constrict
  2. Compress
  3. Dwindle
  4. Magnify

Answer Magnify

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This was all about the antonym of “increase” meaning and examples. Hope you understand the term increase and its usage.  For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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