To Bite the Dust Idiom Meaning, Usage With Examples, Synonyms

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To bite the dust

To bite the dust idiom means to fail in a task, be defeated in a competition or die in a situation. This phrase is often used in a figurative sense to describe something or someone that was not successful or resulted in unfortunate consequences.

The origin of this phrase comes from the idea of someone falling from the ground, during which they end up with dust in their mouth, especially in the context of a fight or battle. With time, the usage of this phrase has evolved to enclose a wide range of situations where someone or something faces undesirable results or outcomes.

Usage With Examples

This phrase can be used in everyday situations and circumstances, where a person is not achieving the desirable target. Consider this earlier example, ‘In the heart of the battle, a lot of soldiers from both sides bit the dust, leaving a trail of devastation and loss of life and property.’ This sentence means that during a war or conflict, there is no winner as both sides end up losing people and resources.

Here are some more examples of this idiom that will allow you to understand its appropriate use.

  • Regardless of the best medical treatment, her father’s condition has continued to worse and sadly, he eventually bit the dust.’
  • ‘Despite taking a powerful start, he eventually bit the dust in the final round of the race, losing by a wide margin.’
  • ‘The economy was about to bite the dust but thanks to the reforms introduced by the finance minister which led to the revival of the economy.’
  • ‘Their long-standing relationship finally bit the dust after a major disagreement which they couldn’t overcome.’

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To Bite the Dust Idiom Synonyms

To bite the dust idiom has a lot of similar phrases that can be used interchangeably in similar situations. Here are some common synonyms for this idiom.

  • Fall by the wayside
  • Meet ones end
  • Crash and burn
  • Suffer defeat
  • Come to grief

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To Bite the Dust Idiom Quiz

Everybody thought that he would win the debate competition, but he bit the dust as

  1. His opponents had valid points to say
  2. He messed up with his concluding lines
  3. He left the competition midway

Ans. His opponents had valid points to say.

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