Doubting Thomas Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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Doubting Thomas Meaning

Doubting Thomas simply means someone who is Incredulous or doubtful by habit. This idiom is often used for someone who does not believe without proof. If someone is a Doubting Thomas they are often suspicious about things until they see proof for the same.

This term is dedicated to those who are either habitually mistrusting in nature or behave in this manner in a particular circumstance. For instance, a manager who is not agreeing with his employees’ project ideas without proof of success can be called a Doubting Thomas

The origin of this idiom is very interesting and can be traced back to biblical times. Thomas was an apostle of Christ who was sceptical about the return of Jesus after the crucifixion until he saw and touched the lord himself. He was therefore nicknamed Doubting Thomas in the Biblical stories

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Usage with Examples

This name given to the apostle was started to be used as an idiom by people to metaphorise a doubting behaviour. The idiom can be used both in personal and professional settings. The tone and context of the sentence will depend solely on the purpose of using the idiom. 

It can be used to mock someone in the first person or talk about someone behind their back. The phrase can also be used to simply give context to a scenario or a person’s behaviour. When you say someone was doubtful the intensity is yet to be justified. 

On the contrary, if you say someone is a Doubting Thomas it generally signifies a behavioural habit or a situation where the other person was not ready to believe. Here are some examples of how you can use the phrase ‘Doubting Thomas’. 

  • She could have cracked the exam but her family members are doubting Thomases. 
  • I don’t know about being an Advocate but he definitely became a Doubting Thomas after graduating from Law School.
  • Can you stop being a doubting Thomas and trust me for once?
  • Everyone became doubting Thomases when the points of sustainability were being discussed. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Doubting Thomas

Here are words and phrases that mean the same as Doubting Thomas

  • Questioner
  • Incredulous
  • Ridiculer
  • Skeptic
  • Unbeliever
  • Disbeliever
  • Agnostic
  • Doubter
  • Cynic

Doubting Thomas Meaning Quiz

The prosecutor has to be a ‘doubting Thomas’, it seems like:

  1. He is agnostic.
  2. He did great research on the criminal.
  3. God himself cannot make him believe. 

Ans. God himself cannot make him believe.

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