25+ Best Proverbs Starting with P and their Meanings

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Proverbs starting with P: In the English language, proverbs are like small lessons learned over time. These wise sayings offer down-to-earth advice on everything from being prepared to staying calm. The proverbs, rooted in everyday experiences, guide behaviour and decision-making by clarifying complex ideas into simple, memorable phrases. Today, we will explore some proverbs starting with P along with their meanings for deeper understanding. 

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9+ Most Commonly Used Proverbs Starting with P

These Proverbs starting with P teach about being prepared, working hard, and even keeping our cool in all the adversities. Here are some of the commonly used proverbs stating with P with their meaning:

Patience is a virtue The saying “Patience is a virtue” implies that having the ability to wait peacefully and without frustration is a highly respected and valuable trait. It highlights the significance of maintaining self-discipline and perseverance when facing delays or challenges.
Possession is nine points of the law “Possession is nine points of the law” means that if you have something in your possession, it’s often easier to claim ownership or control over it. It suggests that having physical control over something gives you a strong advantage in legal disputes over who owns or controls it.
Poverty is no disgrace The saying “Poverty is no disgrace” suggests that there is no shame in being poor. It shows that a lack of money or material goods does not reduce a person’s worth, integrity, or dignity. This saying emphasises that poverty should not be a cause for embarrassment or dishonour, as it does not determine a person’s character or value.
Power corrupts This saying, attributed to the British historian and moralist Lord Acton, suggests that when individuals gain power, they are likely to become morally compromised or corrupt.
Practice makes perfect The phrase “Practice makes perfect” means that consistently practising a skill or activity will lead to improvement and, eventually, mastery of that skill. The idea is that through repeated and focused effort, one can achieve a high level of competence or perfection in a particular area.
Poverty is not a crime The saying “Practice makes perfect” suggests that by regularly practising a skill or activity, you can improve and eventually excel in it. The concept is that through persistent and concentrated effort, a person can attain a high degree of proficiency or even perfection in that area.
Prevention is better than cure The proverb “Prevention is better than cure” emphasises the value of being proactive in averting problems rather than addressing their repercussions afterwards. Essentially, it suggests that it’s wiser and more economical to stop something negative from occurring initially than to manage its aftermath later.
Pride goes before a fall “Pride goes before a fall” warns against overconfidence leading to failure. It highlights how arrogance can blind individuals to their weaknesses, resulting in downfall. It’s a reminder to stay humble and mindful of limitations to avoid errors.
Procrastination is the thief of time The saying “Procrastination is the thief of time” suggests that postponing tasks and duties results in squandered time and lost chances. Just as a thief takes valuable belongings, procrastination robs us of time that could have been utilized effectively.
Punctuality is the politeness of princes The saying “Punctuality is the politeness of princes” conveys the idea that arriving on time reflects respect and courtesy, particularly towards those in positions of authority or significance. Essentially, it emphasizes that punctuality signifies more than just being on time; it’s a gesture of showing regard for others and their time, especially when interacting with individuals in influential roles or positions of authority.
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7 Timeless Proverbs Starting with P

These short and memorable phrases all begin with the letter P and offer guidance on everything from planning to staying patient. Let’s dive in and discover some gems that can be your go-to proverbs for lives:

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Meaning: The proverb “Pride comes before a fall” means that when someone is overly proud or arrogant, they are more likely to experience a downfall or failure. It means that being too confident or boastful can lead to negative consequences or setbacks.

Profit is Better than Fame

Meaning: “Profit is better than fame” suggests that achieving financial success or gain is more valuable or preferable than gaining across-the-board recognition or fame. This saying highlights the prioritization of real benefits, such as wealth and success in business or endeavours, over supernatural rewards like reputation or fame.

Prosperity Discovers Vices and Adversity Virtue

Meaning: This phrase suggests that people’s true character traits are often revealed in different circumstances. When times are good and successful, people may indulge in vices or negative behaviours because they feel they can afford to do so without consequence.

Punishment Awaits All Offences

Meaning: This phrase suggests that punishment is unavoidable for any wrongdoing or offence committed. It emphasizes the idea that there are consequences for one’s actions, and no offence will go unpunished. It can be decoded as a warning or a reminder to adhere to rules or laws to avoid facing consequences.

Put a Beggar on Horseback and He’ll Ride to the Devil

Meaning: This proverb warns against entrusting power or wealth to those unequipped to handle it. The idea is that sudden elevation, without the necessary qualities or experience, can lead to misuse and ultimately, negative consequences for the newly powerful person. It’s a warning against promoting the unprepared or undeserving, as their downfall becomes a distinct possibility.

Put the Belfry in the Middle of the Village

Meaning: “Put the belfry in the middle of the village” is a proverb that typically means to place the bell tower or steeple (belfry) in the central location of a village or town. It can also imply the importance of something being at the centre or core of attention or focus.

Putting Salt on Every Snail

Meaning: This proverb suggests an action or attitude that is overly hostile, obstructive, or detrimental to small or slow-moving entities or processes. It might be used to attack someone’s approach as needlessly harsh or harmful. Yet, without context, it’s open to interpretation.

5 Famous Quotes on Proverbs Starting with P

Have you ever heard a saying that seems to have all the truth in just a few words? Proverbs are those little words of wisdom that have been passed down for years. Today, we will be exploring proverbs that begin with the letter P! Let’s discover some of the quotes starting with P with their meaning:  

“Pain and foolishness lead to great bliss and complete knowledge, for Eternal Wisdom created nothing under the sun in vain” – Kahlil Gibran

Meaning: This quote seems to suggest that pain and foolishness are not meaningless experiences but instead paths that lead to great understanding and fulfilment. It implies that through experiencing pain and making mistakes (foolishness), one gains wisdom and achieves a deeper understanding of life.
Proverbs starting with p

“Pain and pleasure, like light and darkness, succeed each other” – Laurence Sterne

Meaning: This quote captures the constant flow between happiness and hardship in life. Just like day and night take turns, so too do pleasure and pain. It suggests that difficult times eventually give way to brighter ones, and moments of joy are inevitably followed by challenges.
Proverbs starting with p

“Pain has become your motto in life and heaven your final goal” – Mwanandeke Kindembo

Meaning: This quote hints at a philosophy built on enduring pain. It suggests the person has faced significant hardship, shaping their approach to life. Despite the struggles, their ultimate goal remains a form of “heaven”. This reflects the human spirit’s remarkable ability to persevere and the enduring hope for something better after overcoming pain.
Proverbs starting with p

“Pain is a poison; pleasure an intoxicant”– Kedar Joshi

Meaning: This quote suggests that pain and pleasure, though opposites, can both have a powerful and potentially harmful effect on us. “Pain is a poison” implies that experiencing pain can be damaging or toxic to our well-being, both physically and emotionally.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”– M. Kathleen Casey

Meaning: This powerful quote is a key idea about life’s challenges. It suggests that while pain, both physical and emotional, is an unavoidable part of being human, suffering the deeper nightmare that can accompany pain is not entirely out of our control.

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