19+ Antonyms of Crowded, Meaning and Examples

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The word crowded can be used to describe situations or conditions where there are abundant or excess things, making an area or situation feel busy and full. Some common antonyms of the word are empty, lonely, clear, open, vacant etc.

Meaning of Crowded

“Crowded” is an adjective that describes a space or place that is filled with a large number of people or things, closely packed together. It can refer to an area where there is little room to move around due to the density of people or objects.

Antonyms of Crowded

  1. Spacious
  2. Empty
  3. Deserted
  4. Vacant
  5. Sparse
  6. Lonely
  7. Unpopulated
  8. Quiet
  9. Open
  10. Isolated
  11. Scattered
  12. Clear
  13. Wide
  14. Roomy
  15. Unoccupied
  16. Solitary
  17. Remote
  18. Unfilled
  19. Sparse
  20. Bare

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Usage with Examples

Some examples using antonyms of crowded are given below for your reference/

  • The small village was sparsely populated, with vast open spaces between houses.
  • The beach was deserted in the early morning, offering a peaceful retreat away from the crowded city.
  • The once bustling marketplace was now empty, as the vendors had closed their stalls for the day.
  • The vacant auditorium echoed with silence after the concert ended and the audience dispersed.
  • The solitary hiking trail provided a welcome escape from the crowded tourist attractions.
  • The secluded mountain cabin offered a perfect getaway from the crowded urban life.

Antonyms of Crowded Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of famous from the option listed below:

  • Rigid
  • Nameless
  • Vacant

Answer: Vacant

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